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Ask an Expert: Answers to Your Cleaning Questions Thumbnail

Ask an Expert: Answers to Your Cleaning Questions

You have questions. We have the answers. Our experts weigh in with advice to solve your toughest, most frustrating cleaning issues.

What chemicals and technique do you suggest to use on rock salt streaks on a high traffic area at a restaurant? The floor is a mess in the winter and it’s very hard to clean. – Peter B.

Film Off to neutralize the salt residue and a compact auto scrubber to pick up and properly and completely remove as much residue as possible and keep the floor dry and clean. If an auto scrubber is not in the budget, mop and wet vac in very small sections to remove as much dirty water and residue as possible. Clean mops would be needed daily.

Recommended products: CleanFreak 'Film Off' Floor Film Neutralizer and CleanFreak 14" Reliable Walk Behind Floor Scrubber

Why is the wax hazing up on our floors? We apply three coats per day and always give it proper time to dry between coats. – Tracy N.

It should not haze up. If you’re allowing it enough time to dry, other reasons could be that the floor isn’t properly neutralized and there is a build up of detergents on the floor from too much cleaner being used. It could also be as simple as a dirty mop head or the wringer being either too wet or not wet enough causing soil to smear.

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I have a large grease trap outside our wash sink. We are at times sloppy and let food go down in the trap. Every day is smells like a sewer problem but I am certain it's from the grease trap Solutions?? – John M.

We would recommend a daily dose of a powerful enzyme product to prevent odor and build up. Enzyme cleaners have an activated blend of cultured bacteria that can be used to effectively clean grease traps and maintain drains, as well as remove carpet stains.

Recommended product: CleanFreak 'N-Zyme' Enzyme Cleaner

Our floors here at the store have Gym Seal on them (Gloss) what is the best cleaning agent to use and then what is the best polish to use? We do have a buffer. - Nick L.

We would recommend a neutral cleaner, meaning it is not very aggressive and will not dull the current floor finish. If there is grease or something of that nature that would need to be cleaned up, you can always get a more aggressive cleaner, but a neutral one will be safe for use on any floor.

As far as a polish, a product such as CleanFreak 'Restore' Floor Finish Restorer can be used as a mop on or spray buff application.

Recommended product: CleanFreak 'Neutral Clean' Floor Cleaning Solution

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