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Why You Should Sweep Before You Scrub

Have you dealt with a floor scrubber that doesn’t seem to be fully cleaning the floor? The machine is working properly, but the floor you are cleaning still appears to be dirty, streaky, and dull. You’re using the right chemicals and your squeegee blade is adjusted properly, so what gives? Often times, properly sweeping before scrubbing can be the answer to your problems.

Eliminate Streaks

Streaks left behind on flooring can be unsightly. It’s extremely important to sweep the area you will be cleaning prior to scrubbing. Debris can get stuck under the squeegee blade, causing streaking. Large amounts of debris can also negatively affect your scrubber, causing damage to the blade and machine.

Read our full how to on cleaning with an autoscrubber.

Get a Better Clean

Using a sweeper prior to a scrubber allows for a better overall clean. Complete removal of dust and dander will not only brighten the appearance of the floor, but also offer a better, healthier environment for facility occupants.

The same goes for household cleaning. You should always dry sweep before wet mopping, otherwise you will end up just pushing debris and dirt around leaving you with dull, unclean floors.

First Impressions Make All the Difference

A shiny clean facility is of extreme importance to many businesses. Taking a little extra time to sweep and scrub not only leads to a pristine clean, but also happy, impressed customers. Our CleanFreak EasySweep can sweep up to 30,000 square feet per hour at its maximum performance level, a similar performance output as our CleanFreak Performer 20 Scrubber. Using the two machines together offers an efficient, better clean.

If you need assistance selecting the right equipment for the job, contact our team of cleaning specialists.

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