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In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th.
In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th.
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The 3 T's of Cleaning

The technology of cleaning, although quite sophisticated today compared to early times, relies on some basic knowledge that has remained unchanged over hundreds of years.

When one thinks about what is presented herein it is apparently so simple that most will miss the point - although all of us have used what will be presented over and over.

In order to think through the proper steps in cleaning anything, one first must identify the problem, then select the proper cleaning equipment, products and tools to do the job. Then understanding of how to properly use these products becomes an essential element of a successful cleaning job.

It is important to know how and why certain products work and why, when a step is added, they work better or, when a step is omitted, they fail to do the job.

The information shared herein is intended to provide you with information which will make you better than your competitor and will allow you to provide service, real service to your customers, both active and prospective customers.

In order to increase the cleaning efficiency of any cleaning chemical, one can utilize what is known as "The Three T's of Cleaning".

The first "T" is for Time.

If a cleaning compound is allowed to dwell on the surface longer, the cleaning efficiency of the product is enhanced. That is why on vertical surfaces, a foaming product (ie: Nyco® 'White Ocean Foam' Porcelain & Tile Cleaner) is better than a pure liquid. The foam tends to remain longer on the surface thereby increasing the cleaning efficiency.

The second "T" is for Temperature.

When hot water is used in a carpet extractor, or when hot water is combined with high pressure washing, or "steam cleaning", the product performs better.

The third "T" is for Turbulence or agitation.

Ever wonder why a black or brown stripping pad is used with a stripper to remove floor finish? Have you ever washed your car using a rag or sponge? You were adding turbulence which makes the car get cleaner faster. When hand washing is accomplished, the three "T's" are put to work, and many other cleaning procedures employ the three "T's" of cleaning.

As you become more knowledgeable and professional, you will find many ways of putting this bit of knowledge to work for you.

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