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Problem: Poor Gloss to Floor Finish Thumbnail

Problem: Poor Gloss to Floor Finish

Poor gloss to your floor finish? We've got the top 10 causes with solutions.

Cause: Floor not properly rinsed of stripping solution

Solution: Double scrub with an automatic walk behind scrubber, making sure to remove all solution off of the floor, then recoat, and burnish repeatedly. Use a clean burnishing pad. If that does not work, strip the old wax off following our floor stripping instructions, then rinse, and apply new sealer or floor finish.

Cause: Finish applied too thinly

Solution: Double scrub and recoat with even coats to maintain the recommended base for the wax you are using.

Cause: Contamination in finish

Solution: Always clean floor finish applicators before applying floor finish. Never use a mop that has been used for jobs other than coating. Always clean out mop buckets when switching from one task to another. Never pour finish from mop bucket into the container.

Cause: Insufficient number of coats applied

Solution: Double scrub and reapply additional coats. Maintain the minimum number of coats for your finish.

Cause: Burnish pad is dirty or too aggressive

Solution: Use recommended pad. Flip and clean pad regularly.

Cause: Inconsistent buffing frequency

Solution: Buff high traffic areas daily, following our floor buffing procedure.

Cause: Tile old and porous

Solution: Apply additional coats of finish.

Cause: Not enough drying time between coats

Solution: Under normal conditions, coating should dry in 20-40 minutes. Higher humidity requires longer dry times. If hazing is noticed upon application, stop applying and let the area dry thoroughly. Burnish the floor at half throttle to remove hazing. Reapply the next day if additional coats are needed.

Cause: Dirty equipment used to rinse or apply finish

Solution: Use clean mops or label mop handle with proper identifier (i.e. rinse mop, finish mop).

Cause: Wrong chemical or dilution of chemical used

Solution: Check the label for correct product usage. Check tips in dilution dispenser for accuracy. Make sure to correctly measure out the proper amount of chemical instead of just pouring/gauging the correct amount into your machine or mop bucket.

Other Possible Floor Finish Problems:

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