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Problem: Slippery Floor Finish Thumbnail

Problem: Slippery Floor Finish

Slippery floor finish? We've got the top 7 causes with solutions.

Cause: Treated mops depositing oil or silicone

Solution: Use only mops treated with dust mop treatment or untreated dust mops. Double scrub and recoat slippery areas.

Cause: Lubricants, oils, polishes, glass cleaners, or similar off-the-shelf products spilled on floor

Solution: Scrub and recoat area where spills took place. Clean or replace soiled dust mops to avoid spreading the problem.

Cause: Water tracked in from outside or water on floor from internal source

Solution: Use extra walk-off mats during inclement weather and replace them often. Place a wet floor sign into the entranceways of your work area. If problem cannot be controlled, cordon off area until corrected.

Cause: Floor under-burnished

Solution: Burnish floor regularly and properly to restore the slip-resistant properties of finish.

Cause: Not enough finish applied

Solution: Recoat the floor when it no longer responds to restorer/maintainer. A finished floor is far more slip-resistant than a bare floor. Use only UL listed finishes.

Cause: Ice melting compounds on floor

Solution: Clean contaminated floor with clean water to remove. Control amount of ice melt used. Use proper matting schemes. Clean or replace soiled mats.

Cause: Floors not dust mopped after burnishing

Solution: Dust mop floor after burnishing with clean untreated dust mop.

Other Possible Floor Finish Problems:

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