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recycled bottles program

Environmental Savings Calculator

The synthetic (polyester) fiber used in our floor, hand and utility pads comes from recycled materials. Primary sources of these materials are recycled soda and water bottles. Most of our floor pads are made with these 100% recycled fibers or a combination of that and natural fibers. Water-based latex is also used in the manufacturing process to avoid phenolic-based resins.

CleanFreak® floor pads are specially formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the time after placed in an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment and in the presence of certain types of microorganisms that exist primarily in active landfills. An independent laboratory testing showed up to 90 percent biodegradation of the pads within one year, as compared to less than 7 percent for a conventional pad.

Savings Calculator

Calculate the number of 12 oz. plastic bottles that will not end up in a landfill when using our pads.
Floor Pads 12 oz. Bottles
per Pad
6-1/2" (17cm)0.85
8" (20cm)1.14
9-1/2" (24cm)1.7
10" (25cm)1.9
11" (28cm)2.3
12" (30cm)2.7
13" (33cm)3.2
14" (36cm)3.7
15" (38cm)4.3
16" (41cm)4.9
17" (43cm)5.5
18" (46cm)6.2
19" (48cm)6.9
20" (51cm)7.6
21" (53cm)8.4
22" (56cm)9.2
23" (58cm)10.0
24" (61cm)10.9
27" (69cm)13.9
28" (71cm)14.9