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Problem: Finish Swirls or Scratches in Floor Wax Thumbnail

Problem: Finish Swirls or Scratches in Floor Wax

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Do you have finish swirls or scratches in your floor wax? Read on for common causes and solutions.

Cause: Using a pad that is too aggressive for your finish.

Solution: Use the recommended floor polishing pad for the task being performed, or move to a pad that is less abrasive.

Cause: Dirty pad.

Solution: Change pad, flip to clean side, or clean pad by running under a continuous stream of warm water. It also important to dust mop and sweep up all debris before polishing your floor. This eliminates unnecessary build up from dirt and debris inside your pad, making each pad last longer.

Cause: Floor dirty or sandy.

Solution: Use and maintain walk-off mats. Dust mop the floor thoroughly before and after burnishing. Walk off mats can capture up to 85% of all dirt, debris and moisture that enters a facility.

Cause: Restorer not properly diluted.

Solution: Check floor restorer dispenser dilution tip for accuracy. Follow label directions regarding proper product usage and dilution.

Cause: Finish not completely dry before burnishing.

Solution: Allow more time for finish to dry in between coats.

Cause: Too much pad pressure.

Solution: Do not place additional weight on the deck. Do not lift up on the handle when burnishing. This can put unnecessary pressure down causing your pad to dig down deeply into the floor finish.

Cause: Pad centering device cross threaded/not seated properly.

Solution: Unscrew and remove the pad centering device. Reattach it and make sure you are not cross threading it while screwing it in. If it is extremely loose and will not hold the pad tight, or the threads are completely stripped out sue to cross-threading, replace it with a new High Speed Burnisher Pad Centering Device.

Other Possible Floor Finish Problems:

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