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In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th.
In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th.
Problem: Floor Finish Discoloration (Yellowing or Browning) Thumbnail

Problem: Floor Finish Discoloration (Yellowing or Browning)

Floors that are properly cared for will maintain their color and shine. If your floor finish is discolored, read on for common causes and solutions to remove and/or prevent yellowing or browning.

CAUSE: Floor not properly rinsed after stripping

SOLUTION: Vacuum up as much stripper left on the floor after stripping as possible. Rinse thoroughly with neutral cleaner in the auto scrubber. A “hot” floor – too alkaline or too acidic – can CAUSE finish to discolor. Use clear clean water to trim and rinse with. Change rinse water often. Rinse with an all purpose floor neutralizer after stripping to help achieve proper pH.

CAUSE: All finish not removed in stripping process

SOLUTION: Make sure that you followed our floor stripping procedures as closely as possible. Check the dry, newly stripped floor with thumbnail for residual finish. Strip again if necessary. Check for incomplete finish removal by observing “high” spots or shiny patches on an otherwise dull floor. Observe what happens when you rinse the floor. Any finish remaining on the floor will have a milky, cloudy appearance after rinsing.

CAUSE: Finish applied with dirty mop or bucket

SOLUTION: Always clean mops before applying floor finish. Discard finish at the bottom of the bucket because dirt, grit, and lint settle at the bottom. Always rinse bucket when switching from one task to another. Stripping solution residue left in a bucket used for finish could ruin the finish. Line bucket with plastic trash liner to avoid contamination.

CAUSE: Grinding dirt into finish

SOLUTION: Use an auto scrubber with proper floor scrubbing pads and cleaner solution daily. Damp mopping is not sufficient. Follow our dust mopping procedures, and scrubbing with an auto scrubber instructions to adequately remove all debris from the floor.

CAUSE: Auto scrubber used to clean the floor on the transport speed

SOLUTION: Slow the auto scrubber down to allow for proper soil removal.

CAUSE: Dirty mops or water

SOLUTION: Use clean mops and change water often. If dirty mops or water have been used, double scrub with a more aggressive scrubbing pad, rinse thoroughly, and reapply finish.

CAUSE: Water trails left by auto scrubber

SOLUTION: Check for dirt under squeegee blades or worn blades; replace blades as needed.

CAUSE: Applying floor finish before floor has been properly scrubbed and rinsed

SOLUTION: Strip, rinse, and reapply finish. Check out our floor procedures for tips.

CAUSE: Excessive dirt, sand, and grit enter store and are ground into finish

SOLUTION: Use adequate walk-off mats and clean frequently. Follow maintenance schedule. Dust mop and clean with auto scrubber before burnishing.

CAUSE: Buffing pads contain dirt and old finish accumulations

SOLUTION: Always use clean pads. Rotate or replace as needed.

CAUSE: Build-up from applying finish to edges every time floor is coated

SOLUTION: Always stay 6” – 9” away from edges on all coats except the first.

CAUSE: Misusing or improperly mixing chemicals

SOLUTION: Always follow dilution and use directions on the product label. Do not guess on measuring or mixing chemicals. Do not mix chemicals together to short-cut maintenance procedures.

CAUSE: Restorer used too often or concentration is too strong

SOLUTION: Follow the label and wall chart instructions. Use more neutral cleaners to clean or less of a dilution ratio when using the floor wax restore solution.

CAUSE: Fans used to force dry finish resulting in dirt catching bubbles; dirt buffed into finish

SOLUTION: Never direct floor drying fans at floor finish. If fans must be used, aim upward for air circulation in the area. Or use a very low CFM fan, like our Tennant® commercial dryer air mover, to blow air towards the floor and avoid pushing the floor finish which can create ripples.

CAUSE: Contaminated floor finish

SOLUTION: Always dispose of unused finish. Only pour the amount of finish that will be used for the job.

Other Possible Floor Finish Problems:

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