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Don't Forget to Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Don't Forget to Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

Have you been cleaning with dirty tools? The common products you use to clean also need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly to be more effective and last longer. Here are some tips on proper cleaning procedures for the most popular cleaning tools.


It depends on the type of bristles on your broom to know what kind of cleaning will be best. Make sure to always remove the particles from the bristles after use and shake off the dust. If your broom won’t be damaged by water, you can let it soak in a bucket of warm water with a mild cleaning solution such as dish soap. Hang it to dry afterwards for a few hours and make sure it’s completely dry before next use.


Most mop heads are machine washable. Use hot water and either a mild detergent or bleach for extra sanitization. Tumble dry on low or let it hang to air dry. If your mop head is not detachable, rinse it with hot water and soak it with a disinfecting solution for 30 minutes. Let it completely dry before use. Make sure to store your mop in a dry, cool place to avoid the growth of bacteria.


After each use, buckets should be poured out and rinsed with a disinfecting solution. Allow them to completely dry before storing to prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

Cleaning Rags & Towels

Most rags and towels can be tossed in the washing machine on their own with hot water. You may want to add bleach or white vinegar for an added disinfectant. Avoid using fabric softener.


Sponges retain a lot of bacteria if not properly cleaned often. They are also extremely easy to clean. You can either run them through the dishwasher on the top shelf with the hottest setting or place your wet sponges in the microwave on high for two minutes. Let the sponges cool before removing and make sure to dry the sponges after the cleaning cycles. It’s also important to store your sponges in a cool, dry place to prevent bacteria growth.

Always make sure to look up any specific instructions from the manufacturer of your products first before starting any upkeep work. Putting time aside to properly clean your supplies and equipment will not only extend the life of your products, it will also ensure you are providing your clients a top notch, germ-free clean environment.

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