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The Appeal of Scented Cleaning Products

The Appeal of Scented Cleaning Products

From lavender and clean linen to citrus and ocean breeze, scented cleaning products are popular in commercial and home use. We asked our Facebook fans for their opinion and received great responses! It was also very apparent that not everyone is going to agree on which clean scent is the best. Almost a third said they prefer no scent at all.

What does clean smell like to you?

Dawn B. – “Artificial scents don't smell clean to me. They smell like you are trying to cover something up. My home smells the cleanest when there are no odors at all.”

Sherry R. – “I like the more natural smelling products like, pine, rain etc.”

Marisa H. – “Bleach with lavender smells clean to me.”

Lor D. – “A little citrus or pine in the air, not overwhelming, just a light lingering.”

Did you know there is actually a science behind why some scents appeal to us more than others? The response you have to a smell is learned over time from cultural and personal experiences. Our individual history with specific scents plays a large factor in whether we find a scent pleasant or not. Studies have shown that if the situation when you first encounter a new scent is good and enjoyable, you will have a positive reaction to that specific scent in the future.

Don’t cover up odors!

Never use scented products to mask odors. It’s important to remove the odor at the source by eliminating the bacteria that is causing the unpleasant smell. Products like the MARVALOSA Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner incorporate the calming smell of fresh lavender while still being a powerful cleaning agent for a variety of needs. Watch how it cuts through grease in this demo video below.


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