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Social Media Guide for Cleaning Services

We touched on the importance of having a social media presence in 6 Essential Marketing Tips for Cleaning Businesses, but now we will dive a little deeper into how social media can generate positive reviews and effective leads.

Why Be Social?

Social media is like word of mouth marketing on steroids. It’s a free or relatively inexpensive route for building brand awareness and connecting with current and potential clients. It can be time consuming and seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you have developed a following and have figured out what type of content is most engaging, you can use a scheduler and be able to spend a minimal amount of time each day checking in on your accounts.

Grow Your Social Media Following

This is often the most difficult part when you're just starting out. Make sure to have links to your social accounts on your website and let your current clients know to follow you for special deals. Depending on what platforms you are using, there are different ways to engage, interact and ultimately build a larger following. Example: By following people or businesses that might be interested in your services, they may follow you back and then be able to see the content you are putting out there.

Popular Social Media Tools

Luckily there are free social tools to help make your job easier. Here are some commonly used tools that can help you to create quality, useful posts in a minimal amount of time.

  • Periodically provide discounts or specials that are only available on your social media accounts. Make these offers standout by creating a graphic along with the post to catch users’ attention. (Not a graphic designer? Canva makes design simple for everyone. Using a drag and drop format, you can easily create social media posts, blog graphics, flyers and more.)
  • Create shareable, useful content. Post content on your website in a blog that answers questions a potential client may have. Examples of possible articles are: “5 Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaner” “3 Important Reasons to Maintain a Clean House” “Guide to Choosing a Cleaning Service”(Having trouble thinking of more topics? Try out the free visual visualization tool called Answer The Public.)
  • Keeping up with your social media channels can be time consuming. Using tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite can be a huge help. Both have free basic plans, as well as inexpensive monthly plans. Using these platforms, you can easily set aside a bit of time each day to check in on how your posts are performing and scheduling future posts.

Social media is a necessary and useful source to gain new clients and continually engage with those who are a fan of your business. The value of social engagement is huge since it typically has no or very little cost associated with it. What is your favorite social platform to use for your cleaning business? Have you had success with social marketing? Let us know!

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