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The Museum of Clean - A Shrine to All Things Clean

The Museum of Clean - A Shrine to All Things Clean

At, we’re all about the clean. We live and breathe all things clean, but we may have met our match. We would like to introduce you to Mr. Don Aslett, successful cleaning business owner, accomplished author of over 40 cleaning related books, motivational speaker, and founder of the Museum of Clean.

Don Aslett

About the Dean of Clean, Don Aslett

Don Aslett’s career in the cleaning industry began in 1957, when he co-formed Varsity House Cleaning Company with Arlo Luke in Pocatello, Idaho. What began as a part-time business eventually grew to be a full-service janitorial contractor by 2006 with locations in most US states and total revenues of $190 million. With his vast expertise in the field, Aslett has written books covering various topics for household and professional cleaning.

Aslett’s most recent accomplishment was opening the Museum of Clean. The museum opened in 2011 in Pocatello in what had had been an old warehouse. It was remodeled to hold an art gallery, theater, gift shop, and is home to over 6,000 historical artifacts relating to all things clean.

About the Museum of Clean

We got the dirt on the Museum of Clean from the Museum Director, Brad Kisling.

The museum is described as not being just a collection of cleaning history, but more of an ode to clean living. Can you tell me more about this concept?

The Museum of Clean is indeed not just a history of cleaning your house, but it embodies a "be clean" philosophy in which we sell the value of clean in every aspect of life, everything from clean arteries, clean teeth, clean environment, including clean air and clean water. Also, clean habits, clean conscience, clean language, etc. Anytime you add clean to anything you increase its value, Don does indeed think that all of the world's problems can be solved by an aspect of cleanliness, such as clean honor between people and clean politics etc.

What is one of the most unique items at the museum?

We are the home to a lot of very unique items, including the world's first vacuum cleaner, of which we have the only one, as we have the patent model and the vacuum itself was never manufactured or sold. It is called the Daniel Hess Carpet Sweeper from 1860. We are also home to the World's Largest Janitor, Big Don, he is 20 feet tall.

Museum of Clean's Big Don

Are there any new exhibits planned for the near future?

Our next major display will be our vacuum cleaner floor, which will be an entire floor, about 4500 square feet, housing the bulk of our pre-electric and electric vacuum cleaners. Besides the 250 we already have out, which will stay where they are, we have an additional 600 pre-electrics and electrics.

Museum of Clean's Vacuum Display

About how many visitors do you receive every year and what’s the furthest distance someone has traveled to see the museum?

Last year we had a little over 8000 visitors and this year we are well ahead of that, probably will be over 9000. We have had people from all over the world, I think the farthest may be Perth Australia, or maybe Napal.

The Museum of Clean is located at 711 S 2nd Ave in Pocatello, Idaho. It's been featured in various publications and news segments while receiving highly rated reviews and praises on Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. It's definitely on our bucket list to visit!

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