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Disinfectant Use and Claims Guide

The regulation of disinfectants depends on the claims made by products that are displayed on the chemical’s labels, packaging, and safety data sheets.

Important note: There are currently only a few U.S. EPA registered disinfectants available that have a kill claim specifically for 2019-nCoV (the 2019 Novel Coronavirus) on their label. The EPA has created a list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Steps for Safe and Effective Disinfectant Use

1. Make sure the product is approved by the EPA. - Find the EPA registration number on the product. Then use that number to look up the product to see if it's on the EPA's list of approved disinfectants.

2. Follow the product's directions. - Pay attention to the 'use sites' and 'surface types' to verify where the product can be used. Also pay attention to the 'precautionary statements' that explains proper handling and storage.

3. Pre-clean the surface. - Remove visible dirt from the surface with soap and water or a cleaner before applying disinfectant.

4. Follow the dwell time. - Locate the dwell time in the directions. This means the surface should remain wet during this designated time to be completly effective.

5. Wear protective gloves and wash your hands. - Always use disposable gloves and properly remove and dispose of them after cleaning.

6. Store the product properly. - Keep the lid of the chemicals closed tightly during storage, out of reach of children, and in a temperature controlled area.

Guide to our most popular disinfectants:

Use this guide to help determine which product is best for your application. All products are U.S. EPA registered.

Nyco® 'Sani-Spritz' One-Step Disinfectant Spray

Nyco® 'Sani-Spritz' One-Step Disinfectant Spray (NYC-NL763-Q12)

Dwell Time: 1 minute for Influenza Virus Type A on hard surfaces. 3 minutes for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Human Coronavirus and for disinfection against Virucidal, Fungicidal, and Mold & Mildew Control on hard surfaces. 5 minutes on fabric or other soft surfaces.

RTU: Yes, no dilution required.

UoM: Available in a case of 12 quarts

Scent: Lemon

Brulin Performex RTU

Brulin Performex RTU (BRU-161051)

Dwell Time: 2 minutes or less

RTU: Yes, no dilution required.

UoM: Available in either a case of 12 quarts or a case of 4 gallons

Scent: Citrus

Pioneer Eclipse Nova™ Concentrated Germicidal Cleaner & Disinfectant

Pioneer Eclipse Nova™ Concentrated Germicidal Cleaner & Disinfectant (PIO-615LMP)

Dwell Time: 10 Minutes

RTU: No, dilution required. For general cleaning use 4 oz per gallon of water (488 ppm) and for COVID-19, HBV, HCV, etc. use a 6 oz per gallon of water (730 ppm) solution.

UoM: Available in a case of 4 gallons

Scent: Lemon

Eva Clean Tabs

Eva Clean Tabs (EVA-ESPT)

Dwell Time: 1 minute at mixture of 4306 PPM (parts per million)

RTU: No, dilution required.

UoM: Available in a case of 12 packs containing 100 tabs/pack (334mg tabs), case of 6 tubs containing 200 tabs/tub (3.3 gram tabs) and case of 2 bottles containing 256 tabs/bottle (13.1 gram tabs)

Scent: Slight Chlorine

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about using any disinfectant we carry, we’re here to answer and help you find the right disinfectant for your specific needs.

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