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Wash Exterior Windows Like a Pro

Wash Exterior Windows Like a Pro

Exterior windows are subject to collecting a lot of dirt and grime, often requiring frequent cleaning. The process can be time consuming, expensive, and extremely hazardous. Whether you’re a window cleaner or in charge of window maintenance at your facility, you may want to consider a simple cleaning system to take the pain out of window washing.

IPC Eagle’s Ultra Pure Window Cleaning Equipment

With IPC Eagle’s window cleaning systems, you can use normal tap water to get spot-free, clean exterior windows. IPC Eagle’s pure water system uses reverse osmosis and de-ionization to produce mineral-free water. The process eliminates the need for chemical cleaning, so no sticky residue will be left behind. Windows will remain streak-free and clean longer.

All Ultra Pure systems are extremely easy to use and give you the ability to complete residential or commercial window washing jobs safely from the ground. Due to the simplicity of the system, many businesses have been able to cut costs by bringing window washing in-house. Alternatively, window washing companies have seen up to a 75% increase in efficiency, and often jobs can be done in half the time from eliminating the use of ladders.

IPC Pure Water Window Cleaning Systems

Hydro Tube

The Hydro Tube is a compact, portable system that is able to produce a high volume of pure water with normal tap pressure. When using a telescopic pole, you can easily clean 1st and 2nd story windows without ever leaving the ground. The system is also easy to maneuver due to the large wheels and the lightweight body.

Hydro Cart

The Hydro Cart is a more powerful unit that has the ability to clean windows up to three stories. It uses the same filtration system to provide a spot-free clean. Optional booster pumps are available to increase productivity when using low water pressure or two poles. A pump also gives you the ability to clean up to a five-story building from the ground.

If you would like more information on the Ultra Pure Cleaning System or any of the other window washing equipment we carry, contact us.

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