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ProTeam Solves the Problems of Traditional Backpack Vacs Thumbnail

ProTeam Solves the Problems of Traditional Backpack Vacs

First off, I want to say congratulations to Richard W., the winner of our "Upgrade Your Pro-Team Backpack Vacuum Christmas Photo Contest Giveaway". Richard will really enjoy the great benefits of his new ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6 Qt. Vac!

If you've ever used a traditional backpack vacuum, you know how clumsy they can be. Feeling unbalanced, bumping into corners, and backaches at the end of the day are just a few of the issues we've had to deal with over the years. Well, someone finally addressed these issues with the new ProTeam Backpack Vacuums. Thank you ProTeam!

The redesigned FlexFit harness feels a lot more comfortable, actually making the vacuum feel lighter so you don't get as tired. It is designed with an open-weave material, creating a space between your back and the machine, helping you stay cooler. Unlike traditional harnesses that pinch, pull and restrict movement, this harness material is designed to stay comfortable even when you're moving around.

Changing the shape from a circle to a triangle? Genius! It conforms to your back, giving a closer fit and actually making the vacuum feel lighter. And since the shape tapers in the back, it doesn't stick out awkwardly like the traditional round vacs, meaning you're less likely to accidently bump into things. There's even a pivoting ball joint between the harness and machine that keeps the weight of the vacuum centered, improving your balance.

The filtration system was also improved, making it better for everyone's health. A HEPA filter catches almost all those tiny dust particles you can't even see, meaning the stuff you are sucking up with the vacuum isn't ending up back in the air. They were really thinking when they decided to put this filter after the motor. It ensures the filter will catch any particles or emissions coming from the motor. You'll also notice how much quieter the vacuum is, meaning less strain on your ears after long periods of use.

If you're looking for a new vacuum, I highly recommend checking out the ProTeam Super Coach Pro 6, the Super Coach Pro 10 and the GoFree Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum. Or browse our full selection of CleanFreak vacuums and accessories.
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