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ProTeam Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

In 1987, ProTeam transformed the cleaning industry by introducing the original lightweight backpack vacuums. By using the backpack, cleaners could be more comfortable while improving vacuuming productivity and efficiency. ProTeam has now expanded its line of backpack vacs as well as adding wet/dry vacuums and upright vacuums to its product offerings.

"ProTeam has undergone an immense transformation since creating the first lightweight backpack vacuum," says Jacalyn High, director of marketing. "As a company, we are taking a brief moment to celebrate how far we've come, then it's back to grindstone as we work to bring more innovative designs to the market." ProTeam has stated it will be launching another game-changing product by the end of 2017.

The ProTeam Difference

Innovative Designs

Earlier this year, ProTeam introduced the new GoFree Flex Pro cordless backpack vacuum, which gives you the ultimate freedom to clean anywhere. It has been proven to clean five times faster than an upright vacuum and 30% faster than a corded backpack vac!

We look forward to seeing ProTeam’s future product innovations as the company continues striving to improve cleaner comfort. Happy 30th ProTeam from your loyal friends at!

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