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Help the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), over 450,000 people need assistance and more than 53,000 Texas residents have been displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Various aid groups are working tirelessly to provide shelter, emergency services, disaster relief products, and hope to Harvey victims.

Here's how you and your company can help:

Product Donations:

Organizations across the country are currently collecting a variety of products to assist displaced residents and help with cleanup. Check with your local news station or Red Cross to find out what local organizations near you are working to provide relief to Harvey victims.

Good360 is working with companies and nonprofits to get the right products to the right people at the right time for long-term recovery. The organization is currently working with FEMA and the Red Cross to coordinate getting personal items, toiletries, and water to shelters. It will then turn to the recovery and rebuilding phases, which is estimated to take several years.

Monetary Donations:

Monetary donations to the American Red Cross will be immediately used to help the thousands of victims that need assistance whether it be providing food, vaccines, personal care or counseling, as well as contribute to overall cleanup and restoration of affected areas.

Supply Kits:

The ISSA Foundation is collecting donations as well as assisting to set up and sponsor Clean the World’s hygiene kit assemblies in various locations. Companies interested in sponsoring a hygiene kit assembly should contact Tracy Weber at the ISSA Foundation. Sponsorships are available in any amount; a $3,000 sponsorship will cover the materials to assemble 600 personal hygiene kits.

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