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Our First Big Sustainability Milestones!

We’re cleaning up our planet, one tree and one plastic bottle at a time. Since launching our Cleaner Planet initiative we’ve hit a huge goal with reducing landfill waste. We’ve also successfully put our first round of trees in the ground with One Tree Planted.

Green Milestones

1. In June, we reached a huge milestone of 500,000 water bottles saved from landfills! Our CleanFreak floor pads are made from 100% recycled fibers. Independent testing of our pads showed up to 90 percent biodegradation within 1 year compared to less than 7 percent biodegradation for a conventional pad. We’re on track to meet our goal of reducing 1,000,000 plastic water bottles from landfills by 2025!

2. Our first donation to One Tree Planted resulted in 1,300 trees to be planted in India. For our first planting, we decided to plant where trees are currently needed most. Food scarcity has been amplified in many regions here due to the effects of COVID-19. By planting fruit trees in this area will help to keep hunger at bay while supporting the local economy. Each tree planted will provide at least $10 in food each year. We’ll post updates on our trees being planted in this region on social when we receive the photos!

Tree Planting in India - One Tree Planted

Reforesting the Planet – The Facts From One Tree Planted

Just how big of a problem is deforestation? According to One Tree Planted, 80,000 acres of forests disappear from the Earth every day. That’s the size of a football field every 1.2 seconds. Without sufficient reforestation of trees being burned, degraded and logged, we’ll continue to see adverse impacts on the environment, habitats and economies that depend on trees.

Matt Hill founded One Tree Planted in 2014. Hill had a goal to educate people on the importance of trees and make the process of getting trees in the ground easy. The organization has been consistently doubling the number of trees planted each year since then. By partnering with numerous businesses for support and working with reforestation partners across the world, in 2019 the organization was able to get over 4 million trees in the ground.

Going Green Together

Choose our eco-friendly floor pads for your next cleaning job. You’ll get an efficient clean while reducing landfill waste and planting a tree! Spread the word and make sure to follow our quarterly progress on social and in our e-mails.

For more ways to contribute, check out local opportunities through One Tree Planted, make your own donation, donate on behalf of a family member or purchase a cool gift for a friend like a tree planting kit from the One Tree Planted store.

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