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Cleaning for a Reason: Free Home Cleanings for Cancer Patients

Patients undergoing cancer treatments face many physical challenges and hardships while undergoing treatment. Most of us know someone that has been through it and we've seen what our friends and loved ones endure during this time. Everyday tasks, such as cleaning up the home, become nearly impossible. A nonprofit organization called Cleaning for a Reason is offering to help cancer patients by providing free home cleaning services.

Cleaning for a Reason was established in 2006 when founder Debbie Sardone was running her own cleaning business in Texas. She received a call from a potential client inquiring about pricing for a home cleaning. Debbie provided the information, but the caller abruptly hung up after stating that was too expensive for her since she is going through cancer treatments. This call led to Debbie beginning her efforts to provide free cleaning services to women facing similar circumstances. She shared her encounter with other cleaning business owners who immediately expressed their support. In turn, Cleaning for a Reason was created.

To date, Cleaning for a Reason has helped over 53,000 cancer patients across the country, which equates to more than $18.3 million in house cleaning services. The organization originally was focused on assisting only women, but as its network continues to grow, it now serves any household battling cancer. There are currently 1,300 participating residential cleaning services partnered with the nonprofit.

How You Can Help

Many cleaning business partners are already at capacity at the number of patients they can take on or there may not be partnered cleaners available near a patient’s location. You can help change this!

Own a home cleaning service? Sign up to be a partner and make a difference in more cancer patients' lives!

Cleaning for a Reason also works with companies and organizations that are interested in fundraising for their cause. They can also help plan a day of bringing your staff or group together for a day of cleaning for cancer patients in your area. Your company can also become a sponsor.

You can also provide a donation right on their website to help provide more free home cleanings to cancer patients. Donate here.

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