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Win a Koblenz Handheld Dry Stripper

Win a Koblenz Handheld Dry Stripper!

Want to win a floor prepping machine? Head on over to our Facebook page to win a Koblenz Handheld Dry Stripper (a $500 product!) or a t-shirt!

Let us know: What is the most difficult cleaning job you’ve ever had to tackle?

About the Koblenz Handheld Dry Stripper

This mini dry stripping orbital buffer by Koblenz is a floor prepping machine that can reach where many machines can't. This small scrubber/stripper has a 4.5" x 10" scrubbing path that can fit into hard to reach areas like bathrooms, baseboards, stairs, behind toilets and fixtures, and more! The versatile little machine weighs in at a light 20.65 pounds and can be moved easily to different cleaning areas.

The machine also comes with an adjustable handle, which allows you to use it as a handheld machine. It also comes with two places to attach a quick-change mop or broom handle like our quick-change vinyl dust mop handle to allow you to strip and scrub while standing.


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