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Take ADVANTAGE of Your Cleaning with This Newly Launched Auto Scrubber Thumbnail

Take ADVANTAGE of Your Cleaning with This Newly Launched Auto Scrubber

Are you looking for a machine that will scrub and clean your floors hassle-free, while still getting the job done quickly and efficiently? Then let us introduce you to the brand-new Advantage 20.

The Advantage 20 is all about simplicity. With almost no extra bells and whistles to its design, the maintenance upkeep and cost of ownership is less than its competitors. The durable body and self-leveling brush system attribute to the list of practical features that the Advantage 20 offers. With clearly labeled buttons and a pad/brush assisted drive, it is a breeze to operate and maneuver.

The Advantage 20 is a 20-inch, battery operated automatic floor scrubber. The run time on a full charge is 2.5 hours and although that may not seem like enough time to clean larger areas, the machine has a 15-gallon solution and a 16-gallon recovery tank and can scrub 20,720 sq. ft per hour. With the 15-gallon solution tank, you will get 60 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time before it must be refilled. With the ability to clean over 50,000 sq. ft on a full charge, the Advantage 20 is an ideal choice for stores, schools and warehouses alike.

With the purchase of the Advantage 20 you receive the unit, a 20-inch nylon scrubbing brush, the batteries and the charger. The machine boasts an unprecedented warranty, which includes lifetime on the tanks, 2 years NQA (no questions asked) on parts, and the batteries are prorated for 1 year.

Looking for a new auto scrubber? We can help!

We carry a variety of auto scrubbers and can help you find the best fit for your cleaning needs. If you need help deciding which one to purchase, contact our cleaning specialists for assistance.

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