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The Benefits of Battery Powered, Cordless Cleaning Equipment Thumbnail

The Benefits of Battery Powered, Cordless Cleaning Equipment

There are a lot of factors to consider when investing in new cleaning equipment. With technology advancing, battery powered equipment is becoming more popular and possibly a better option for certain cleaning situations.


The main benefit of cordless cleaning equipment the ability to clean in areas that would be impossible with a corded machine. Reach all of the nooks and crannies, stairwells, and hard to reach areas that don’t typically have direct access to a wall power outlet.

Enhanced Safety

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls are the leading causes of workers’ compensation claims; accounting for over 1 million hospital emergency visits a year. Battery-powered cleaning equipment eliminates the risk of the operator, or anyone else in the building, from tripping over the cord.

Easy of Use

Cordless cleaning equipment is quieter, lightweight, and able to increase cleaner productivity, up to 30% more in some cases! Also, the ergonomics of backpack vacuums has come a long way, allowing for a comfortable fit with no pain or strain for the user.

A main concern for buyers is related to the battery and how much operational time comes from a charge. Manufacturers continue to better battery life with each piece of new equipment they release. Recent battery powered vacuums claim an hour of continuous run-time. Having replacement battery packs charged up and on hand will eliminate any downtime.

Unsure if battery powered cleaning equipment is right for you?

If you’re cleaning a building with limited power sources, small confined places such as convenience stores, kitchens, hospital rooms or an office, restaurant or school that requires lightweight, quiet equipment, you should consider battery powered equipment.

If you need assistance choosing a machine, reach out to our cleaning specialists. You can also view all of the cordless equipment we carry for more information, videos, and product reviews.

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