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Product Spotlight: CleanFreak® 20 inch Burnisher Thumbnail

Product Spotlight: CleanFreak® 20 inch Burnisher

Our popular CleanFreak® 20-inch High-Speed Floor Burnisher deserves the spotlight for its reliability, efficiency, and usability. Equipped with an industry-leading 5-year motor warranty, this burnisher is built for durability and smooth operation. Designed for fast burnishing with less effort, the unit seamlessly glides over your floor finish to produce maximum shine.

We can hype this floor machine all we want, but the reviews from our customers speak for themselves. Some of the positive customer feedback we have received regarding this burnisher is that it is easy to use and set up, it is efficient, it is of good quality, it has a great price point, and it is convenient for numerous jobs/applications.

Featured Review:

“I use this machine to shine floors in a school, it is very convenient, easy to handle, does a great job; runs quietly; long electrical cord.”

- L Gordon, Customer

Due to the innovative features this burnisher possesses, there is no question why it was awarded our coveted Gold Medal rating . Check out the unique features that set this machine apart from the competition below.

Unique Features:

Special Handle Design

The bent shape of the fixed, steel handle allows the operator to keep the handle at the desired operating position and offers great mobility. The handle can also easily be removed or reversed for easy storage and transportation, which is a huge benefit for a cleaner who is constantly on the go!

High Performance AC Motor

The twin capacitor AC motor delivers outstanding performance in an economical package. The motor is designed to begin to cut out if too much pressure is put on the head and the machine starts to draw too many amps. Since the motor of this burnisher will never try to overwork itself, it's rated to run up to five times longer than a standard DC-powered burnisher.

Ball Bearing, Stair Climber Wheels

The 5-inch non-marking wheels have lubricated, ball bearings to reduce friction, extend the lifespan, and keep your machine moving smoothly for years of trouble-free operation. carries a variety of equipment to meet your needs. View our entire line of floor burnishers here.

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