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Floor Brush Guide

Tips for Selecting the Right Brush for Your Floor Machine

1) Auto Scrubbers

Auto scrubber brushes have special brand/model specific connectors.
It is important that you match your brush to your machine.
i.e. Viper machines need a Viper brand brush.

2) Low Speed Buffers (175)

Low speed buffers (175 rpm) fit most brushes because the clutch plate is more universal.

If you did not purchase your machine from, we recommend you call us at 1-888-722-5508 to ensure compatibility with your buffer.

Carpet Brushes

Low speed carpet brushes have stiff outer and soft inner bristles. It is important that you flag it (run on a hard surface like concrete) to get burs off and break in the brush. This prevents damage to your carpet.

Make sure to remove the plastic glide in center on larger sizes prior to breaking in.

Hard Floor Brushes

Variety of choices available depending on your floor surface.
Listed from softest to hardest (1-4).

Nylon Floor Machine Brush
1. Nylon
Flexible, hot water soak
remembers original shape)
Poly Floor Machine Brush
2. Poly
Stiffer/inexpensive (economy)
Malgrit Floor Machine Brush
3. Strip
Malgrit Heavy Duty (80 grit)
Unsealed Concrete (46 grit)
Tampico Floor Machine Brush
4. Specialized
Tampico (soft)
Union Mix (medium)
Bassine (hard)
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