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  • Choosing The Right Auto Scrubber For Your Needs Thumbnail
    January 31, 2019

    Choosing The Right Auto Scrubber For Your Needs

    Clean floors are a vital part of any business, not only to keep up a good appearance for customers, but also to maintain the health of employees. Choosing the right auto scrubber for your needs requires you to consider many factors such as the machine's size, power input, design type, and intended use. Floor scrubbers come in many different sizes and specifications. The area of floor that needs to be scrubbed should ultimately be the deciding factor in the size of scrubber you require. In general, larger commercial floor scrubbers are more expensive than the smaller versions.
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  • Floor Brush Guide Thumbnail
    September 22, 2014

    Floor Brush Guide

    Tips for Selecting the Right Brush for Your Floor Machine 1) Auto Scrubbers Auto scrubber brushes have special brand/model specific connectors.It is important that you match your brush to your machine.i.e. Viper machines need a Viper brand brush. 2) Low...

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