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Spot & Stain Remover Chart

Wine Spilled on CarpetingPlease follow all directions on each products individual label for best results. Take a look at our proper instructions for stain & spot removal for additional instructions that may help in the removal of those really stubborn stains. This will help to ensure the complete removal of the stain, if the stain is removable. These are just a set of guidelines and will not guarantee the removal of any stain in your carpet, upholstery, or clothing item. Take a look at our complete line of carpet stain removing chemicals for other stain removal options.

Stain Remover ProductsStain Removal Steps
  • A. Neutralize and rinse, or extract carpets thoroughly
  • B. Heat transfer to wet blotter (acid dyes & wax)
  • C. Cover stained area with hot moistened towel to accelerate digester performance.
  • D. (Powder residue) Thoroughly vacuum before applying liquid spotters
  • E. Use T-Bone 3-1 in 1 spotting spatula to physically lift and remove crusted, stick, gummy or waxy type spot material

Use the above listed products in the order indicated below until the spot is removed. Remember that most stains are a combination of several substances, and may require the use of several spot removers. For example: Coffee - tannins, sugar, cream. Crayon - wax, pigment, dye. Mustard - vegetable oil, mustard seed, spices, tannin, turmeric color (yellow).

Stain TypeRemoval Procedure
Acrylic 10
Acrylic Enamel 10
Adhesives 8 or E/4/A
Aerosol Spray Paint 10
Alcoholic Beverages 1/2/A/5+B/A
Asphalt 8 or 4/1/A
Ball Point Pen 9 or 4/1/A
Beer 1/2/A
Berries 1/2/A/5+B/A
Blood 7 or 1/6+C/A
Candle Wax E/B/4/A/5+B/A
Candy 1/5/A/2/A/5+B/A
Carbon Black 4/1/A
Carbon paper 4/1/A
Cement (model) E/4/1/A
Chewing Gum E/4/1/A
Chocolate* 7 or 1/2/A/5+B/A
Coffee 7 or 1/2/A/5+B/A
Cola 7 or 1/2/A/5+B/A
Cooking Oil 7
Copier Toner (powder)* D/4/1/5/A
Correction Fluids 9
Cosmetics 8 or 4/1/5/5+B/A
Cough Syrup 1/5/A/2/A/5+B/A
Crayon 8/7 or E/4/1/A
Dairy Products E/1/6+C/A
Decals 8
Duplication Ink 9
Dye 9
Eggs E/1/6+C/A
Engine Grease 8
Feces 11 or E/1/6+C/A
Food Coloring 1/5+B/A
Fruit Juices* 1/2/A/5+B/A
Furniture Stain or Dye 4/A/5+B/A
Gelatin 1/2/A/5+B/A
Glue (household)* 8 or E/4/A/6/A
Glue (wood) 8 or E/4/1/A
Glue (animal) 8 or E/4/A/6/A
Grape Juice 7
Graphite 8
Grass Stains 7 or 1/2/A/5+B/A
Gravy E/1/6+C/A
Grease 8/7 or 4/1/A
Grime 8 or D/1/A
Hair Dye* 4/A/2/A/5+B/A
Highlighters 9
Ink 9
Iodine* 1/5+B/A
Ketchup 7 or 1/2/A/5+B/A
Kool-Aid* 1/5/5+B/A
Lacquers 10
Lipstick* 4/1/A
Magic Marker 1/5/A
Mildew 1/5/A
Motor Oil 8/7
Mud 1/5/A
Mustard* 1/2/A/5+B/A
Nail Polish* 9 or 4/1/A
Newsprint 9
Oil (machine) 8 or 4/A
Oil (salad) 4/A/1/6/A
Paint (enamel) 9 or E/4/A
Paint (latex) 9 or E/4/A/1
Paint (oil based) 8 or E/1/A
Paint (water based) 10 or E/1/A
Peanut Butter 1/4/A/6/A
Pencil Marks 9
Permanent Marker 9
Pet Stains 11 or 6+C/A/1/A
Primer 10
Printing Ink 9
Red Wine 7
Scuff Marks 8
Sealants 10
Shoe Polish* 4/1/A
Skin Ointments 4/1/A
Soot D/4/1/A
Spaghetti Sauce 7 or 1/5/A/2/A/6+C/A
Stain Killer 10
Stamp Ink 9
Stickers 8
Suntan Oil 4/A
Syrup E/1/5/A/2/A/6+C/A
Tar 8 or 4/7
Tea 7 or 1/2/A
Tree Sap 8
Tracked in Dirt 7
Urine 11 or 6+C/A
Vegetable Dye 5/5+B/A/2/1/A
Vomit 7 or E/1/6+C/A
Wax 8
Wine 7 or 1/5/A/2/A/5+B/A

  • / - Proceed to next step if necessary
  • + - Use both numbers together
  • * - Indicates spots that are normally very difficult, or impossible, to remove due to dye or pigments contained within the stain. Good luck!
  • ** - Please remember that these are a set of guidelines, and will not guarantee the removal of any stain. Test product on an inconspicuous area if possible.

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