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Plastic Bottles Saved Goal

Our Goal: Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste

Here at CleanFreak®, we strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible. One of our ongoing initiatives that helps keep plastic bottles out of landfills is the promotion of our floor pads. Most of the floor pads that we carry are made from 100% recycled fibers or a combination of recycled and natural fibers. These pads are specially formulated to biodegrade in a fraction of the normal time frame after being placed in an anaerobic (without oxygen) environment and in the presence of certain types of microorganisms that exist primarily in active landfills. An independent laboratory testing showed up to 90 percent biodegradation within 1 year for our pads compared to less than 7 percent biodegradation for a conventional pad.

Did you know that in the United States, 1,500 plastic bottles are discarded every second? With each purchase of these pads, you can help prevent a number of plastic bottles from entering our landfills (see our environmental savings calculator for specifics). The amount may not seem significant to an individual, but the bottles add up quickly and are detrimental to our environment, so every purchase does matter. CleanFreak promises to do their part and continue to offer these environmentally responsible products.

We are asking our customers to step up and help us make a difference. Our overall goal is to save a total of 1,000,000 plastic bottles (12 oz. water & soda bottles) from being disposed of in landfills. We have also started a partnership with One Tree Planted to help us plant one for every case of sustainable floor pads sold!

Make sure to track our progress using the graph below.

For a breakdown of how many bottles you save with each floor pad you buy, check out our Environmental Savings Calculator.

Bottles Saved in 2021
Year Bottles Saved Total Bottles Saved (YTD)
December 20141,0681,068
January 20153,8303,830
February 20159,34613,176
March 20157,17320,349
April 20157,81328,161
May 20155,64933,810
June 20157,43841,248
July 20154,42645,674
August 20155,47351,146
September 20155,54256,688
October 20154,54561,233
November 20155,87667,109
December 20155,04672,155
January 20165,8185,818
February 20168,05013,868
March 20168,87722,744
April 20164,63327,377
May 201610,23237,608
June 20166,25443,862
July 20165,93649,798
August 20168,67458,472
September 20165,04363,515
October 20168,59672,111
November 20164,60476,715
December 20164,27680,990
January 20176,5576,557
February 20176,22312,780
March 20176,17218,952
April 20175,87024,821
May 20177,26632,087
June 201711,19043,277
July 20179,80653,082
August 20175,16058,242
September 20177,04765,289
October 201711,55776,846
November 20177,13483,979
December 20177,15691,135
January 201814,27714,277
February 20189,43323,710
March 20189,36933,079
April 201813,69546,774
May 20188,65655,430
June 20185,46260,892
July 201813,10273,993
August 20188,65982,652
September 20188,11290,764
October 201810,441101,205
November 20189,028110,232
December 201811,584121,816
January 201911,14111,141
February 201913,85925,000
March 201912,13737,137
April 201912,89550,032
May 201911,22761,258
June 20199,65670,915
July 201911,92282,836
August 20199,17192,007
September 20199,525101,532
October 201910,170111,702
November 201910,415122,118
December 201915,556137,674
January 202012,74912,749
February 202011,85424,603
March 202013,45438,057
April 202012,35550,412
May 202015,22165,633
June 202012,82378,456
July 202012,23390,689
August 202013,886104,575
September 202010,927115,502
October 202012,722128,223
November 202013,133141,357
December 202013,303154,660
January 20217,6147,614
Last 5 Year Total Comparison
Bottles saved since
Goal: 500,000

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