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Who is Your Favorite Clean Freak?

Our mission is to serve our fellow clean freaks with not only the right cleaning tools, but also advice, insights, and laughs. Which is why we set out on a mission to find out who the world’s favorite clean freak is. We asked our Facebook fans to tell us who their favorite is and why. From fictional television characters to real life sanitation heroes, we received a variety of responses.

The data: A majority of our participants chose a fictional person, while the second largest choice was a family member. Here's the breakdown in the chart below, along with a few responses we received.

favorite Clean Freak

Sonya M. – “My 4 y/o son is my favorite clean freak! Every time I vacuum, he takes it from me and vacuums the floor for me! He happily cleans the playroom when asked to and is sure to put each toy in the correct bin. Hopefully he will always be like this!”

Anne H. – “My favorite clean freak is my daughter. Her spotless home is both sanitary and inviting. She's nailed a clean home without being pretentious.”

Harvey W. – “My mom in law. She's cleaned for a school district for many years, while previously cleaning for the county part-time along with that, raised 3 daughters, takes high pride in her work, she's the best.”

Cathy S. – “It is myself! I work as a custodian, so I eat, sleep and work CLEANING!!”

Fan Favorites - Fictional/Famous Clean Freaks

We received a diverse response of fictional and celebrity clean freaks, as seen in the chart below.

Favorite Fictional or Famous Clean Freak

1. Adrian Monk - Monk

Shirley D. – “Monk from the TV show. I'm right there with him every time he uses a wipe. Go Monk!!”

Adrian Monk

2. Monica Geller - Friends

John H. – “Monica Geller! She is a clean freak! I think the whole show is great and her character is funny! She cleans like every episode.”

Monica Geller

3. Howie Mandel - TV Host

Jody W. – “Howie Mandel is so cute and a little obsessive just like me!!”

Howie Mandel

4. Felix Unger - The Odd Couple

Lynne T. – “My favorite fictional clean freak is the ultimate one, Felix Unger!””

Felix Unger

5. Mr. Clean

Jenn F. – “Mr. Clean. I have a thing for bald men lol.”

Mr. Clean

6. Danny Tanner - Full House

Rebecca A. – “I just love how he's always running around cleaning everything. And love the song his daughters made in one show dad dad he’s our dad keeps everything clean with a mop and a broom.”

Danny Tanner

7. Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

Ann T. – “Sheldon from Big Bang Theory! I could see him with a Clorox belt around his waist to dispense the wipes as necessary! Probably double holstered!” (Who could forget Sheldon breaking into Penny’s apartment to clean in the middle of the night.)

Sheldon Cooper

8. Sheila Jackson - Shameless

Megan A. – “I love Sheila (Joan Cusack) that played in Shameless!! She literally made everyone take their shoes off and bag them before entering her home. She is such a great actress & reminds me a lot of myself actually!”

Sheila Jackson

9. Emma Pillsbury - Glee

Megan G. – “I love Emma Pillsbury from Glee. She was the ultimate clean freak, to the point of it being unhealthy, and through the power of love and trust she was able to bring it to a healthy level. She was someone you could laugh with, and cry with, and cringe with some of those gross situations she fought through, and she is awesome!”

Emma Pillsbury

10. Honorable Mentions

Niles Crane from Frasier, Joan Crawford from Mommie Dearest, Marie Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond, Hazel Burke from Hazel, Cinderella, Bubble Boy, The Wolf from Pulp Fiction, Martha Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, and Dexter Morgan from Dexter.

Our CleanFreak staff also participated in sharing their favorite clean freaks:

Ashley N. - "My favorite clean freak is Monica Geller. One of the funniest scenes is after Ross breaks up with his messy, hoarder girlfriend. Monica shows up to the woman’s apartment with cleaning supplies and says “I heard how dirty your apartment was and I couldn't sleep.” The woman slams the door on her, so she just starts cleaning the door."

Lisa M. – “Felix from the Odd Couple. He’s not only a clean freak, but he’s neurotic and I think everyone can relate to him at one point or another.”

Ashley B. – “David Rose from Schitt’s Creek on Netflix. He’s definitely a clean freak!”

Who is your favorite clean freak? Let us know in the comments below!

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