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Touch Free Cleaning Machines for Complete Sanitization

Keeping up on the cleanliness of public restrooms is extremely challenging. An unsanitary restroom is also the top complaint building maintenance managers hear from customers. Since dirty bathrooms are also a health hazard due to being a hotspot for bacteria and viruses to spread, it’s important to completely clean and sanitizes these areas frequently, which can be difficult and time-consuming.

Many studies have shown that cleaning the old fashioned way with mops and rags can be an ineffective way of cleaning areas such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and hallways. Often bacteria can be spread out even more when not properly sanitized. Being in close hands-on contact cleaning these areas is also a major safety hazard for cleanings of these areas. Investing in touch free cleaning equipment can be a valuable investment for many cleaners and facilities.

Touch-Free Cleaning Machines

Check out our top choices for hands-free cleaning:

EDIC CR2 Touch Free Complete Restroom Cleaning Machine

The EDIC CR2 cleaning machine combines a pressure washer with a powerful vacuum system that effectively deep cleans. An adjustable 600 psi pump provides powerful cleaning for porous tile, grout lines and hard to reach places like behind toilets. It also includes a built-in auto chemical feed system for high productivity and accurate metering. Boost performance with an optional 2000 watt external heater for carpet cleaning.

Clarke TFC 400 Hands-Free Cleaner

The Clarke TFC 400 machine is another great all-purpose cleaning option. Tackle big jobs easily with a huge 20-gallon solution and a 13-gallon recovery tank. The 400 psi spray tip ad 25-foot hose gives you the ability to reach and blast away grime without having any contact with bacteria. Add the optional stand-up carpet wand to transition easily from hard to soft floors.

Advantages of Touch Free Cleaning Machines

1. Completely disinfect hard to clean, germy areas quickly without putting cleaners at risk.

2. Cut labor and cleaning costs while improving worker productivity.

3. Increased safety and satisfaction of customers by providing cleaner and healthier restrooms, locker rooms and other hard-floored areas.

Contact us for more information about how no-touch cleaning equipment can help you clean better and faster!

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