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The 2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are HERE! Thumbnail

The 2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are HERE!

Photo Source: The Huffington Post

It’s one of the biggest shopping times of the year, and CleanFreak is ready EARLY! Since the gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year is the shortest on record, we want to give you extra time to get your shopping in while taking full advantage of our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals! That’s why we’re starting our specials early and running them all the way through Friday, December 6, 2013! At CleanFreak, we don’t think you should have to wait for prices likes these!

This year, we’re offering a wide selection of carpet and floor cleaning supplies. It can be a pain in the you-know-what trying to keep floors clean with subpar equipment and supplies. Trust me, I’ve been there! That’s why I make sure the products I recommend will actually get the jobs you need done, and do them as efficiently as possible.

Carpets in the workplace can really take a beating, and even more so in the winter months. Rock salt can wreak havoc on your carpets, especially when mixed with snow and then melting into the carpet and rug fibers. Carpet cleaning machines like our Ultimate Heated Box Extractor used along with our Assorted Carpet Chemical Package will keep all of your carpets fresh and thoroughly clean. And don’t forget to vacuum up as much of the salt and sand before shampooing! The Koblenz 7 amp U-80 Upright Vacuum is a heavy-duty commercial vacuum that will remove the dust and loose debris, no matter what time of year.

We didn’t forget about cleaning and maintaining your hard floors! Large open-floor areas, like warehouses and manufacturing plants, are notorious for accumulating dirt and dust. Can you image trying to clean a warehouse with only a push broomand dustpan? Yeah, neither can we! That’s why we offer CleanFreak’s Warehouse Concrete Floor Sweeper, which has a front edging brush that pushes all that dirt and dust into the path of the sweeper, while the large bristle cylindrical broom sweeps everything into the large 9 gallon hopper. And once all the loose debris is removed, you can use the Electric Automatic Floor Scrubber to remove any residual dirt, leaving your floors so clean you could practically eat off them (though we wouldn’t recommend eating off the floor!).

Check out all our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals running through Friday, December 6, 2013 (and remember we are always running a CleanFreak special deal here, so check back often). If you have questions about these or any of our products, please feel free to call or click on the "live help" button to talk to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. And for more cleaning and janitorial tips, please visit our Resource Center.

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