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Spotlight on: IPC Eagle

Spotlight on: IPC Eagle

IPC Eagle is one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning equipment and tools in the world. IPC stands for Integrated Professional Cleaning and the company was designed to build cleaning equipment for virtually every surface and industry. IPC Eagle’s vast product line includes floor equipment, automatic scrubbers, sweepers, pads, brushes, vacuums, cleaning carts, window cleaning tools, and more.

IPC Eagle Means More Than Equipment

It’s not just about providing quality cleaning tools; IPC Eagle strongly values customer loyalty and shows it by having a dedicated support team of over 1000 cleaning specialists, a tech support team, and a training school designed to help cleaning businesses around the world succeed.

The IPC Eagle Group was formed in 2000 by bringing together leading pioneers in the cleaning industry such as: Portotecnica (high pressure washers, steam and pure water systems), Soteco (vacuuming systems and industrial vacuum machinery), Pulex (window cleaning equipment), Euromop (professional cleaning tools), Ready System (industrial cleaning equipment), and Gansow (walk-behind and ride-on scrubber driers and motorized sweeping systems).

Innovative Design, Worldwide Reputation carries a large amount IPC Eagle products. See all of our IPC Eagle equipment, tools, and accessories here.

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