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Product Spotlight: EDIC TORO Orbital Scrubber Thumbnail

Product Spotlight: EDIC TORO Orbital Scrubber

Since 1975, EDIC has been developing some of the most innovative and durable carpet care equipment and cleaning systems in the industry. From carpet extractors to floor machines, EDIC’s equipment is designed to withstand in tough work environments and help you work more efficiently.

TORO Orbitals – What’s the Difference?

We're huge fans of the EDIC TORO Orbital Scrubber. Not only are they simple to use, they reduce the time it takes to clean all types of flooring. They also use less water and detergent, which reduces supply costs, require low energy consumption, and decrease operator fatigue. Traditional floor machines often require training and more strain on the operator due to making a circular motion instead of the back forth motion of an orbital machine.

Another huge benefit is the improved safety with using an orbital machine. Since it has very little torque, the machine doesn’t jump to one side when switched to on like a standard floor machine, which can bang into walls, furniture or the operator.

The TORO comes in two different variations: the TORO and the TORO HD. Here are the differences, so you can decide which one may be better suited for your cleaning needs.


Toro HD – Weighs 109 pounds with the option to add two additional 37-pound weights to give more pressure on the floor. Made for the contractor and restoration professional that needs heavier equipment for tough grinding, scrape offs, honing and sanding, as well as maintenance and deep cleaning.

TORO – A lighter version, weighing 93 pounds without the option to add additional weight, the TORO is more suited for the in-house crew at schools and hotels.

Scrub Head

Toro HD – Contains a detachable head with simple quick release. This makes for easier loading and unloading into a vehicle. It also has a handle and kickstand on the head so you can flip the head up easily to install weights and the pad driver.

TORO – Doesn’t have the quick release head, handle, kickstand or ability to flip up. It’s better suited for being stored in a janitor’s closet.

Spray Jets

Toro HD – Comes standard with 90 PSI oscillating pump and dual spray jets that are adjustable.

TORO – Comes standard with 90 PSI oscillating pump and a single adjustable spray jet.


Toro HD – Equipped with 10” non-marking wheels.

TORO – Equipped with 8” non-marketing wheels.

If you’re wondering if an orbital scrubber is right for your facility or would like some advice on which scrubber to choose, contact our cleaning equipment specialists for more information.

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