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How to Eliminate Dumpster Odors

Eliminating odors is an extremely important part of maintaining a clean, healthy facility. Odor control isn’t just limited to indoors. Cleaners should also be concentrating their efforts on areas where bacteria can build up outdoors, especially in and around trash bins and dumpsters. To keep trash chutes, compactors and dumpsters from reeking in the summer heat, follow these cleaning tips.

1. Always make sure to bag trash before placing it in the dumpsters. This will help keep bacteria from growing and prevent easy access for insects and other animals.

2. Use deodorizing granules to control odors and deter pests. Simply spread the granules on or near the affected area to neutralize odor issues. Products such as Nilodor Nilodew also contains citronella to deter insects such as flies, bees and mosquitoes.

3. For severe odors, use a product such as Nilodor Chute and Dumpster Wash PLUS. It contains powerful bio-enzymatic degreasers that cut through grease and neutralize severe odors. This solution is also user safe and environmentally friendly!

Cleaning of dumpsters and trash bins can often be an overlooked, but necessary cleaning task. Make sure you are following the steps and using the right products to make the process as quick and easy as possible. A proper cleaning of dumpsters inside and out assures the area is safe from slips and falls due to grease or debris and not a hot spot for rodents and insects.

Not sure what products you need to get the job done? Contact our team of cleaning specialists to point you in the right direction!

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