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How to Choose the Right Gloves for Janitorial Use

Disposable safety gloves have always been commonly used in the cleaning industry, but with the growing concern over the spread of viruses, they have become a widespread necessity. No matter what type of janitorial or maintenance job you’re working on, you should always make sure to wear the right gloves for the job.

Disposable Glove Types

Different styles of gloves are required for the level of cleaning you’re doing or for the specific cleaning task. We recommend having a few different types on hand due to the various hazards cleaning professionals may come across.


Vinyl gloves are a common economical choice for light-duty cleaning. They come in powdered and powder-free versions. They tend to have a looser fit than other glove options and are resistant against common acid and alcohol substances found in cleaning chemicals. Keep in mind vinyl gloves are less durable and more susceptible to punctures.


Latex gloves are made from natural rubber so should not be used by anyone with any form of latex allergy. These gloves are more form-fitting, thicker, and less likely to puncture than vinyl. Latex provides a higher chemical resistance as well.


Nitrile gloves are made from durable synthetic rubber and are ideal for heavier-duty cleaning tasks. They are not as flexible as latex but are more tear-resistant. The main downside of nitrile gloves is that they are most costly than vinyl or latex.

Browse our selection of disposable gloves. *There may be limited quantities available on certain styles due to current shortages.

Glove Sizing & Use

All safety gloves should be properly sized for comfort and safety. Sizing can run a bit differently by manufacturer, but sizes typically relate to the circumference of your palm.

  • Extra Small – 7 inches
  • Small – 7.5 inches
  • Medium – 8 inches
  • Large – 9 inches
  • Extra Large – 10 inches
  • 2X-Large – 10.5 inches

As with any cleaning procedure, proper training on the use and removal of disposable gloves is recommended.

If you need help selecting the right gloves for your cleaning program, contact our cleaning specialists for assistance.

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