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Bru-Clean TbC 2 Effervescent Tablet Disinfectant

Are you looking for a safe, easy, and cost-effective disinfectant to use in veterinary settings? The hospital-grade Bru-Clean TbC 2 tablets are what you need to keep your veterinary clinics, animal life science laboratories, kennels, breeding and grooming establishments, pet animal quarters, zoos, pet shops, and other animal facilities sparkling clean!


This product is completely safe for people AND animals! Because the formula has a neutral pH and doesn't contain alcohol, bleach, or quaternary ammonium chloride, it’s safe for the users, floors, and doesn’t irritate puppy’s and kitten’s skin and leaves no toxic residue on paws.

Cleanup in veterinary clinics

What Does it Target?

Bru-Clean TbC2 targets SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), Canine Parvo & Distemper, Bordetella, Feline Calicivirus and even TB. It is also effective in killing bacteria in a biofilm, or bacteria that has joined together on a surface in clusters that makes it resistant to other disinfectants.

The active agent in Bru-Clean TbC 2 is sodium dichloroisocyanurate, also known as NaDCC, and when mixed with water, it yields hypochlorus acid (HOCl) and monosodiumcyanurate (NaOCl) in an acid use-solution with a pH of 6-7. This is an important characteristic of Bru-Clean TbC 2 to note, because unlike bleach and all other hypochlorites, this product possesses a reserve killing power that continues to be made available even after contact with organic soils. Bleach would immediately be de-activated on contact with organic soils. Testing on metal substrates demonstrates that Bru-Clean TbC 2 is about 50% less corrosive than bleach.

Bru-Clean TbC 2 also has a completely new chemical component compared to the original TbC that makes it kill bacteria in a biofilm. A biofilm is a community of micro-organisms that stick to each other and to different surfaces, like slime on rocks in streams and dental plaque on our teeth. This biofilm can be hard to break through because they are so complex and diverse, but it’s extremely important for a cleaning product to be able to break through this biofilm because it provides an environment that allows micro-organisms to survive and thrive. Bru-Clean TbC 2 penetrates biofilms, killing the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus living there.

How Do I Use It?

Bru-Clean TbC 2 comes in an easy to use and easy to store tablet that can make up to 1 gallon of solution. Bru-Clean TbC 2 has a 3-year concentrated shelf life and is stable for 3 days once diluted.

The rate at which the tablets dissolve in water is temperature sensitive. In warm water the tablets will typically dissolve in about 2½ minutes, while in cold water it can easily take 5 - 6 minutes. This solution can be used with dry wipes, microfiber, cotton cloths, mops and sprayers, making it an extremely versatile product to use in many different circumstances such has operating rooms, bathtubs, and kennel rooms.

Simply wipe or spray Bru-Clean TbC 2 on your surface and in up to 4 minutes the surface will be completely disinfected, no rinse required!

To learn more about Bru-Clean TbC 2 Canine Parvo Hospital Grade Effervescent Disinfectant and how you can get it, visit or call 1-888-722-5508.

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