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Benefits of a Counter Rotating Brush Machine

Using a counter rotating brush machine is one of the most efficient ways to clean carpeting and hard flooring, often resulting in only one pass needed for cleaning. CRB machines are designed fairly simply, making them extremely durable. The rotating brushes offer a deep and proficient clean, making the higher price tag completely worth it for many cleaners.

Deep Cleaning

The counter rotating brushes allow for a deeper clean than other traditional carpet cleaning methods. A CRB machine can remove pet hair, dirt, debris and all other particles that a regular vacuum wouldn’t be able to pick up. The rotating brushes move counterclockwise together, trapping and absorbing the dirt that is deep in the carpet fibers.

Clean Faster

CRB machines use far less water than traditional cleaning machines, so the water does not need to be dumped out during the cleaning process. This leads to faster drying teams and greater efficiencies.

Ease of Use

CRB machines are compact, portable and easy to handle while still packing a punch. Units vary in size from 10 inches up to 20 inches, but all offer excellent maneuverability, no heavy pushing, pulling or lifting required. The machines are also easy to store due their simple, lightweight design.

A Multi-Use Machine

Counter rotating brush machines can be an extremely versatile tool for your cleaning jobs. The same machine that can deeply clean carpets can also be used on most popular hard floors such as tile and grout, hardwood, natural stone and rubber. By changing out the brushes you can wash, mop, scrub and dry in a single pass on virtually any floor type.

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If you’re interested to learn how a CRB machine could save you time and money, contact our cleaning equipment specialists to learn more.

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