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Our Calculator Estimates the Number of Air Movers You'll Need

Our Calculator Estimates the Number of Air Movers You'll Need

Need to know how many air movers are necessary to dry your wet flooring? has put together a convenient calculator to help you determine the number of air movers you will need based on the room's square footage.

Air Mover Calculator

Calculations are based on the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration's recommendations of one air mover per 400-500 sq. ft. of hard flooring and one air mover per 300 sq ft of carpeting. The number of fans that the calculator recommends to you is based on a fan strength of 2,800 CFM. If you plan to use a stronger air mover, then you will not need as many as the calculator suggests.


Air movers should be positioned to blow a linear path of 10-16 ft. of air, and they do not strictly need to be placed alongside the walls. Place them in any location at any angle that will thoroughly dry your flooring. Don’t forget to factor in humidity: if the room is humid, then you’ll need to power on some dehumidifiers too in order to speed up evaporation.


Using the right number of air movers speeds up the drying process and fights odor buildup. Keep in mind that you should use a carpet extractor or a wet/dry vacuum first to tackle the liquid, and if that does not work should you then jump in with an air mover. With wood flooring, you can use a water-damaged wood floor drying mat as an alternative to an air mover.


Check out’s flood remediation inventory for air movers, axial fans and pedestal fans that will help you get the job done.

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