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Luxury Vinyl Flooring Care and Cleaning

Luxury vinyl flooring is growing in popularity due to its ability to closely mimic the look of other high-end natural materials such as stone or wood, but at a lower cost. We’ve investigated the pros and cons of luxury vinyl and of course, the best way to keep it clean.

What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl is a durable, waterproof flooring that is designed to replicate stone (slate, marble, etc.) and wood (oak, pine, etc.) flooring. It gets this unique look by having a realistic photo-created surface film covered by a clear vinyl layer. The tiles are then constructed with four layers – the backing texture, fill layer for resistance, print layer for the visual appeal, and the wear layer that contains a clear coating to improve lifespan.

Key Benefits

• Easy to install – Minimal surface prep is required, and it can be installed using glue or with a loose-lay floor, decreasing installation costs and time.

• Affordability – Traditional hardwood and stone options cost significantly more than luxury vinyl.

• Look and feel – Luxury vinyl is softer than other traditional flooring materials, which makes it more comfortable to walk on and reduces foot-traffic sounds.

• Durability – Being water resistance makes it ideal for commercial locations as well as home kitchens, bathrooms and basements. It’s a tough material that will hold up longer, won’t chip, and is easy to clean.

How to Clean Luxury Vinyl Tile

To keep luxury vinyl looking pristine, the number one thing you can do is make sure you are using the correct cleaner. Avoid harsh cleaners and chemicals. Instead use a cleaner with a neutral pH such as CleanFreak’s ‘Neutral Clean’ Solution. Always make sure whatever cleaner you are using is compatible with the flooring.

To prevent damages, make sure to never over wet an area to remove a stain or use a steam mop. Even though the flooring is water-resistant, too much water in one area can cause issues. Additionally, it’s important to note that the application of wax to the flooring is not necessary and can dull the surface. Sweeping with a soft brush and vacuuming regularly is encouraged.

Never use a high-speed burnisher on the flooring because high speed buffing can wear down the top layers and cause it to separate. We actually offer an Orbital Floor Buffer Package made specifically for cleaning luxury vinyl tile! Our very own 14” x 20” Orbital Strip Machine comes packaged with the best solutions and pads to effortlessly clean luxury vinyl tile, concrete, and other types of flooring that contain grout.

Just like any flooring, luxury vinyl is susceptible to normal wear and tear. Using proper matting in high traffic areas is always encouraged to reduce debris and improve the lifetime of the floors.

Not sure what equipment and solutions are best for your flooring? Contact our cleaning specialists, we will be happy to find the best tools and chemicals for the job.

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