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In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th.
In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th.
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Dry Stripping Floors Saves Time and Money

I’ve been in the jan/san business a long time, and like other businesses, it’s seen a decline in budgets in just about every area. This is especially evident in schools where the cleaning and maintenance budgets have been whittled down to almost nothing. Jan/San professionals have been searching for products and procedures to save both time and money to make up for these cuts. Dry stripping floors is one of these great alternatives.

Dry stripping your floors means you are removing the top coats of wax and finish from the surface of the floor without the use of chemicals. Instead, you use a Dry Stripping Floor Machine, like the CleanFreak® Dry Surface Strip Machine and dry strip pads like our 20 inch Rectangular Dry Strip Pads. This machine is great because it gets into corners easily with its square edges, and it works on low voltages so even the old buildings with limited power will no longer be an issue. You’ll save money since dry stripping doesn’t require the purchase of any chemicals. There’s also no need to worry about cleaning up the used solution and debris known as “slurry” left on the floor, which saves a lot of time. When using chemicals for floor stripping, it’s also possible to do real damage to the floor so it’s very important to always read and follow the directions carefully. With dry stripping, there’s no worry of chemicals accidentally damaging the floor.

The process of dry-stripping your floors can also be eco-friendly. Traditional floor stripping chemicals are often very concentrated and can be dangerous if not used properly. Not only can they damage floors, but they can also cause physical damage such as skin burns, eye irritation or damage, and internal injuries from inhalation of toxic fumes. Even the disposal of these chemicals can be hazardous and costly depending on where you live, or harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly. Dry stripping prevents all of these possibilities.

Dry stripping floors can be a great alternative to traditional floor stripping with chemicals, for your wallet, your time and your health. For more time and money saving tips, as well as a wide variety of how-to’s and procedures for the jan/san industry, please check out our online Resource Center.
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