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Color Coded Cleaning

Color coded cleaning is the process of using designated colors for different areas when cleaning. Most businesses will benefit from this system by differentiating the color of buckets, towels and cloths while reducing confusion and increasing efficiency.

There are many benefits to this system including the prevention of cross contamination and controlling infections. Choosing to use one color only for bathroom toilets and another color only for food preparation areas will prevent the spread of disease and infection. It is also the best practice to clean in a specific order, namely start with the cleanest section and end with the areas that are the most dirty.

The color system is also a great tool for crossing the language barrier and simplifying the training of employees. Once the color system is in place, it is clear to everyone that specific colors are used in specific areas because colors are well understood by all cultures. This is a great opportunity to match all cleaning supplies to specific areas. For instance, red cloths, bottles and buckets are used only in bathroom toilets and urinals. The color system removes a lot of the guess work and confusion.

Though there is no specific guidelines, the most common color uses are:

Color Coded Cleaning

The bottom line is that using a color coded cleaning system is just good practice. It will simplify cleaning tasks and help prevent the spread of infection and cross contamination. It makes life a little bit easier and safer, and that’s a plus for everyone.

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