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Cleaning FAQs Answered by an Expert!

Cleaning FAQs Answered by an Expert!

Q: How do I remove several decades worth of paint from wood cabinets, banisters and ceiling beams?

A: Use a liquid paint remover applied directly to the painted surface, such as Motsenbocker's Lift Off Gel. It will loosen the old paint without scratching the underlying surface or creating a dust-cloud from scraping or sanding. It can also loosen paint from surfaces like corners and bevels that can be difficult to reach with ordinary tools. Check out this video for a step-by-step demonstration:


Q: What is everything I’d need to clean an office?

A: There are many factors that need to be considered when starting an office cleaning job. How large is the office and how many people work there? How often will you be cleaning the office? Are the floors tile, carpet, wood, or a combination? Will you be doing general floor cleaning or also deep cleaning the floors? How many bathrooms are included? Our Resource Center has a specific section for Office Cleaning to expand upon all of these related questions.


Q: Every time I clean my old carpet with a carpet extractor, the carpet ends up smelling like animal urine. What can I do to eliminate this odor once and for all?

A: Pet Patrol Urine & Feces Stain Remove is specifically designed to remove pet urine odors from carpets. It works by killing the odor-causing bacteria. Here’s how it is used:

  • Spot Removal: Pre-moisten area with clean warm water. Apply to spot/stain, and allow it to remain for an extended period of time. Re-apply solution as needed.
  • Pre-Spray/Traffic Lane Cleaning: Dilute 1 part solution with up to 5 parts of water (24 oz per gallon of water). Spray onto surface, agitate with brush or carpet rake. Clean carpet in normal fashion.

Q: How can I get old dog urine stains out of my nearly-white carpet? I’ve tried several commercial spot cleaners and white vinegar with baking soda, and these have lightened the stains but they are still noticeable.

A: Our Pet Patrol Urine & Feces Stain Remover will remove those old pet urine stains from your carpet. It is a “natural” solution that uses bacterial enzymes and surfactants to break down the source of the stain. This stain remover will also remove any residual pet odors and learn your carpets clean and fresh smelling.

Q: What is the best equipment and method for cleaning and maintaining grout?

A: Any low speed rotatory floor machine with a brush attachment will work for cleaning grout lines. The brush attachment is ideal for getting into the grout lines and scrubbing out dirt and debris, especially when used along with a grout solution such as Grout Scrubbing Floor Cleaning Solution. We also offer a selection of Cylindrical Floor & Grout Scrubbers, like the Tornado Compact Walk Behind Floor Scrubber, designed specifically for cleaning grouted floors. Make sure to clean small areas & recover the dirty water with a wet vac so the dirt doesn't settle back into the grout lines.

Q: Do you carry any hydrogen peroxide products that work to remove urine smells from grouted floors?

A: We offer a Hydrogen Peroxide Carpet Stain Remover that works great for reviving your grout back to the original appearance and remove smells such as urine. This restoration is made possible with a color safe oxygen bleaching formula. It’s also Green Certified, meaning it’s both environmentally friendly and non-toxic!

Q: What is the best way to get a grease stain out of carpeting? Should I use an extractor?

A: I would recommend treating the grease stain directly with a spot treatment, such as our Trusted Clean Aerosol Spot Care II, prior to using your extractor over the entire carpeted area. By directly treating the specific stain instead of the entire area of the carpet, you have more control over making sure the stain is completely removed.

Q: What should I use to clean tiled flooring?

A: If you’re cleaning tile with a grout line, using a rotary floor machine with a brush will work best to clean dirt and grime from your tiled flooring.

Q: Where are your buffers and scrubbers manufactured?

A: We distribute for many different manufacturers all over the United States.

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