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Burnishing Your Floor to a High Shine Thumbnail

Burnishing Your Floor to a High Shine

Burnishing gives floors a high shine, also known as the “wet look” primarily seen in commercial properties such as hospitals and grocery stores. The purpose of burnishing is to “skim across the floor”, just barely skimming the surface to smooth and harden the floor finish. You never want to push or bare down on the burnishing machine as this is likely to damage the machine and possibly the floor.

On a soft floor finish it is best to use a less-aggressive pad to prevent removing too much floor finish. A High Gloss Floor Burnishing Pad is ideally suited for regular maintenance burnishing. For harder floor finishes, use a more aggressive pad, such as a Hog Hair Burnishing Pad. These pads are designed for ultimate high-speed burnishing results, however, these pads are not necessarily designed for everyday use.

For a comprehensive step by step walk through on how to burnish a floor, please take a look at our "Procedures for Burnishing a Floor."
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