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5 Cleaning Mistakes Even Pros Make

Even as professionals in the cleaning industry, we can still make mistakes. Don't worry though, mistakes happen to everyone no matter your IQ or skill level in any industry! We are creatures of habit and sometimes these 5 common mistakes happen to the best of professional cleaners. Let us know in the comments if we missed some critical mistakes you have caught yourself doing - or not doing.

1. Not having a strategic, step-by-step cleaning plan

Have you ever gone into a customer facility without a strategic cleaning plan? We’ve all been there. We are experts in our field and it is easy to decide to work on the fly – after all, these are things we’ve been doing for a while. Even experts need to have a plan and an order. Go in to every account with a clear strategy and a step-by-step plan to attack each area most effectively.

2. Failing to color code gear

Failing to color code gear to prevent cross contamination. This is another situation where our very knowledge and experience in the field can lead us to be too relaxed. We know better! We would NEVER use the same tools in the restroom that we use on people’s desks or in kitchen areas. The tough thing is that without color-coding, we could make a mistake or other people that work with or near us could mistakenly take a contaminated item and use it in the wrong location. Color coding keeps it simple and easy for everyone.

3. Missed out on rotation opportunities for detail work

Not everything can be done all at once, but everything can be accomplished within timelines when tackled on a rotation. There are certain tasks that must be completed during every single visit to a facility, like the restroom. Then there are the things that don’t have to be done every time, but need to be completed at least once a month for example. By taking sections of thorough dusting, or chair leg cleaning, or detail vacuuming and doing a small portion during every run, you can ensure that it all does get done.

4. Leaving vacuum bags in too long

Vacuums start losing suction power due to overfull bags, so be sure to replace bags sooner rather than later. So many times vacuums are shared cleaning tools & one person believes the other likely took care of changing the bag. Another reason we wait too late is that the bag is out of sight, out of mind. Get on a schedule at the very least of checking to see if a change is needed and document the bag change in a way that is visible to all users.

5. Missing on-hand solutions

Missing the solutions on hand needed to deal with small stains quickly before they set & require more work to remove. Do you have what you would need to remove a coffee spill before it sets? What about ink? What about vomit? Urine? Do you have all the correct tools and P.P.E. in case of a biohazard spill? Keeping the right tools and solutions on hand will allow you to act quickly and prevent further complications that arise when small issues aren’t handled right away. It’s a good idea to keep kits on hand that will help in a variety of situations.

What’d we miss? Let us know in the comments if you have other critical mistakes you have caught yourself doing - or avoiding.

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