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Black Diamond 3000 Grit Green Concrete & Natural Stone Floor Prep Pads (Rectangular) - Case of 2

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Product Description

Black Diamond 3000 grit green pads are made to bring out the highest gloss in your concrete, stone, terrazzo, VCT, and linoleum floors. These 3000 grit pads are the last step when restoring your floor with Black Diamond pads. The green pad is also great for daily maintenance and will keep that desired glossy shine on your floors.

If your floors have lots of scratches and staining, you'll need to start with the 400 grit red and 800 grit white pads. Using these pads first will remove the scratches and stains while creating a matte finish that prepares the surface for polishing that the 1500 grit yellow and these 3000 grit green pads provide.

No chemicals are required when using these specialty Black Diamond pads. Thanks to billions of microscopic diamonds, these pads will clean and polish your floor without the use of these chemicals. The pads are also made to last 3 times longer than traditional floor care pads. Each pad should be replaced when the backing starts to show, and they should only be used with the color side down. For use wet or dry.

This Black Diamond Pad Guide should be able to answer any questions you have about using these pads. The pads mechanically densify your floor to resist wear and create a slip-resistant surface. Black Diamond pads are simple to attach to your machine and attach like any other normal pad. If you own a round floor buffer or scrubber, please take at the round version of these pads.


  • No chemicals are needed for cleaning which makes these pads cleaner & safer.
  • Scrubbing should be used with water only (No more chemicals!).
  • Built with billions of microscopic diamonds that clean & polish at the same time.
  • Daily use of will provide a hard glossy surface with increased resistance to dirt & wear.
  • Pads fit current machines on the market without the need for new equipment or attachments.
  • 3x the life span of a traditional floor cleaning pad.
  • Pads should only be used colored side down & replaced when the backing starts to show through.

Pad Characteristics

Pad Life Estimates
Pad Life Estimate
Black Diamond Pads
Size Square Feet Per Pad
(Low Speed)
Square Feet Per Pad
(High Speed)
6.5 inch 81,250 ft² 8,125 ft²
10 inch 125,000 ft² 12,500 ft²
12 inch 150,000 ft² 15,000 ft²
13 inch 162,500 ft² 16,250 ft²
14 inch 175,000 ft² 17,500 ft²
15 inch 187,500 ft² 18,750 ft²
16 inch 200,000 ft² 20,000 ft²
17 inch 212,500 ft² 21,250 ft²
18 inch 225,000 ft² 22,500 ft²
20 inch 250,000 ft² 25,000 ft²
21 inch 262,500 ft² 26,250 ft²
24 inch 300,000 ft² 30,000 ft²
27 inch 337,500 ft² 33,750 ft²
28 inch 350,000 ft² 35,000 ft²
For a complete rundown of estimates for different pad type and sizes,
please view our Floor Pad Life Expectancy Estimates page.

Quick Overview

  • Available in 12"x18", 14"x20", 14"x28" & 14"x32" sizes
  • 2 - 3000 grit rectangular pads per case

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Black Diamond Polishing Pads

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