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In 1999, Swiffer pioneered achieving an amazing clean with little effort. It all started with our Trap & Lock Technology. You can see this technology in our Sweeper cloths that attract dirt, dust and hair off the floors. The dirt is trapped on the cloth, eliminating the use of brooms and dustpans.

For decades, people have used the simple mop and bucket to keep their floors clean. In 2001, Swiffer Sweepers were released and consumers were introduced to a new way to clean. The Swiffer Wet system is easy to use and uses less water than the typical mop and bucket. Households went from using gallons of water to ounces of solution to clean their floors. Every household that uses Swiffer Wet could save over 70 gallons of water per year vs. mop and bucket cleaners.

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  1. SKU: USC-PGC16942CT
    • 6 Starter Kits per Case
    • Each Kit Contains 1 Handle & 1 Disposable Duster
    (12 Starter Kits per Case)

    List Price: $90.78

    Regular Price: $60.99

    (Save 33%)

  2. SKU: USC-PGC11804CT
    • 6 inch Handle Duster
    • Dust Lock Fiber
    • Yellow
    (6 Swiffer Dusters Kits)

    List Price: $48.00

    Regular Price: $39.99

    (Save 17%)


    List Price: $101.16

    Regular Price: $66.99

    (Save 34%)

  4. SKU: USC-PGC08443CT
    • Refill Cloths
    • 11.3 inch x 5.4 inch
    • White
    • 24 per Box
    • 4 Boxes per Case
    (4 Boxes per Case)

    List Price: $133.50

    Regular Price: $88.99

    (Save 33%)

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4 Item(s)


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