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17" Electric Auto Scrubber Floor Cleaning Package w/ Brush, Pads, Degreaser & Defoamer

SKU: ASP-PACKAGE4    Brand:Trusted Clean
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17 Inch Electric Auto Scrubber with Dust Skirt and Pad Driver
Trusted Clean 'Dura 17' Electric Auto Floor Scrubber w/ Pad Driver
In Stock
CleanFreak® 'Low Foam' Floor Cleaning Degreaser (2.5 Gallon FlexMax™ Pouch)
CleanFreak® 'Low Foam' Floor Cleaning Degreaser (2.5 Gallon FlexMax™ Pouch)
In Stock
CleanFreak® 'Defoamer' Vacuum Motor Protectant (2.5 Gallon FlexMax™ Pouch)
CleanFreak® 'Defoamer' Vacuum Motor Protectant (2.5 Gallon FlexMax™ Pouch)
In Stock
Trusted Clean Dura 17 Floor Scrubbing Brush (#VF90411)
17" Floor Scrubbing Brush for the Trusted Clean 'Dura 17' Floor Scrubber
In Stock
17 inch Red Floor Buffing & Scrubbing Pads - Case of 5
17" Red Floor Buffing & Scrubbing Pads - Case of 5
In Stock
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Product Description

This package is something we put together to get the beginner started cleaning in any type of environment. The pads that are included are great for everyday scrubbing on a smooth floor. The brush works great on any uneven surface like tiled floors with grout lines or even finished concrete. The scrubbing solution and defoamer are both basic solutions that will not harm any surface and can only make you more effective in your cleaning tasks. Whether you're a cleaning professional, or just starting out, this package will do the job for you!

If you're looking for something a little more industrial, we have several other packages available in our auto scrubber package deals category.


  • Easy to service design makes parts accessible with just a simple lift of the hood.
  • Rotationally molded polyethylene makes this unit extremely lightweight and durable.
  • Simple and easy to understand controls allow any user to learn how to use the machine in no time.
  • Heavy duty cast aluminum squeegee assembly recovers your solution in one pass.
  • Well balanced, compact design make scrubbing around obstacles an ease.

Package Includes

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Quick Overview

  • 1 'Dura 17' electric auto scrubber w/ pad driver
  • 12.5 gallons low foam floor degreaser
  • 5 gallons of concentrated liquid defoamer
  • 1 floor scrubbing brush (17" round)
  • 25 red light-duty scrubbing pads (17" round) - FREE

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Love it

Great product that actually makes cleaning my garage floors fun instead of dreading the mopping. Great but for living in the desert and wanting nice floors.

MG Rios
Overall Experience

I love this machine and the cleaning products. It's easy to use, clean up is a breeze and certainly is a great time saver versus mopping by hand.

Auto scrubber kit

So far so good is great on concrete no so much on wooden floors


Overview & unboxing of the Trusted Clean 'Dura 17' floor scrubber.
Setup & operation instructions for the Trusted Clean 'Dura 17' floor scrubber.
Final thoughts, tips & tricks for using and maintaining the Trusted Clean 'Dura 17' floor scrubber.

Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Associated ERP Sku
CPL-DURA-17C - Auto Scrubber
MPL-0610-125P - Degreaser
MPL-0950-125P - Defoamer
CRK-VF90411 - Brush
AME-404417 - Red Pads