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IPC Eagle CT51XP 600 RPM High Speed 28" Automatic Floor Polisher & Scrubber w/ Pad Drivers - 13 Gallons

SKU: EAG-CT51XP70HS-145    Brand:IPC Eagle
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Product Description

The IPC Eagle CT51XP high-speed floor scrubber is built to clean and polish your floors all at once and will save you time and money in the process. With the use of the right Diamond floor prep pads, you can keep your floors looking polished without using any harsh chemicals and without an extra burnishing routine. This chemical-free cleaning both cleans your floor while polishing the surface allowing you to drastically cut the cost of labor and chemicals while eliminating frequent burnishing. With the use of two 14 inch pad drivers that spin at 600 RPMs, this 28-inch floor scrubber is able to achieve polished results. Not only does this save you time by combining a two-step process into one, but using this scrubber also extends the life of the floor finishes by 50%. You can use a high speed microfiber bonnet as well which allows you to clean with less water and chemicals.

This scrubber comes with two 14 inch pad drivers, 145ah batteries, and an on-board charger. Be environmentally conscious by reducing the energy used by 20% with the “Energy Saver” system which increases battery life. These batteries allow you to run for up to 3.5 hours on a single charge while the 28" scrubbing path allows for up to 27,000 square feet per hour. The CT51XP also runs at a quiet 58 dB to allow for daytime cleaning. A large 13-gallon solution tank gives you ample solution for longer cleaning/polishing jobs. The traction drive system makes these longer jobs easier on your body by helping you move the machine up to 2.2 MPH. In addition to the floor prep pads, the pad drivers can hold any other 14" floor pads, allowing you to pick the right pad for your situation. This scrubber is perfect for large areas and can be used in many commercial settings like office spaces, retail stores, schools, factories, warehouses, and more.

IPC Eagle offers a wide range of walk behind auto floor scrubbers and ride on auto scrubbers, with many different sizes, speeds, and options available. Feel free to contact our specialist at 888-722-5508 if you have any questions or need help in deciding the best scrubber for you.


  • Comes with two 14" pad drivers, 145ah batteries, and a charger.
  • Large 28" scrubbing/polishing path allows for up to 27,000 squared feet per hour of cleaning.
  • Traction drive helps move the floor scrubber up to 2.2 MPH to help you in long scrubbing jobs.
  • 600 RPM speeds provide a high gloss shine in half the time of normal scrubbing/polishing when using floor prep pads.
  • Reduced noise of just 58 dB allows for daytime cleaning

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Quick Overview

  • Pad drivers, batteries & charger included
  • 28" battery auto scrubber
  • 13 gallon solution / 14 gallon recovery

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Product Information + Specs

IPC Eagle
Manufacturer Sku
145ah Battery
Battery Type
145Ah batteries
Brush Diameter
Brush/Pad Speed
600 RPM
Cleaning Rate Per Hour
27,000 sq. ft.
Cleaning Width
28 inches
54" L x 29" W x 41" H
Drive System
Traction Drive
Electrical Usage
24 (2x12)
Max Speed
2.2 MPH
Noise Level (dB)
58 dB
Number of Brushes
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Source
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Recovery Tank Capacity
14 gallons
Run Time
3.5 hours
Scrub Style
Solution Capacity
13 gallons
Squeegee Width
33 inches
Tanks - 10 years
Motors & Pumps - 3 years
Parts - 1 year
Labor - 1 year from an authorized service center
Batteries - Prorated for 1 year
Travel - 90 days from an authorized service center

Safety, Warranty + User Manuals

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