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In observance of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 27th. We will reopen Tuesday, May 28th.

Trusted Clean 'Supreme' 500 PSI Carpet Cleaning Machine w/ Wand

SKU: TPL-12-500-CE-TCP    Brand:Trusted Clean
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Product Description

The Trusted Clean Supreme is an extremely powerful piece of carpet cleaning equipment. It is powered by a 500 PSI adjustable pressure pump, and two 3-stage high performance vacuum motors. A 500 PSI wand and a 25' hose set is included with the extractor, so you'll just need to add your chemicals to clean immediately after delivery. The lightweight/compact tank and large transport wheels make this carpet cleaning machine the perfect addition to any truckmount system. You can take this machine into unreachable areas, and still experience the amount of power you're used to with your truckmount.

Located on the lower rear control panel, you'll see the adjustable pressure gauge, pump pressure control knob, and a cleanable filter. The pump control knob allows you to adjust the pressure of solution spraying out the wand, while the gauge helps you dial the exact pressure in that you need for the job. The filter should be removed and cleaned prior to every job. This 500 PSI pump is extremely vulnerable to dirt and foreign objects, so you'll want the water flowing through it as clean as possible.

*Please Note: If your pump will not dispense the full 500 PSI, first check the filter to make sure it is free from obstruction. If it is not clogged, the internal regulator may be stuck in place. Simply lower the pressure dial down to almost 0 and spray out. Then dial the machine back up to full pressure. This may need to be repeated a few times to reach full pressure output.

The Trusted Clean Supreme is a 500 PSI carpet cleaning machine that offers supreme power, in both both pressure and suction. These features make this the most powerful extractor ever packed into a machine with a single power cord! If this model is not exactly what you're looking for, please feel free to take a look at our full line of carpet cleaning box extractors for more options.

If you're having problems priming your machine's pump, don't fret, we've got you covered! The lever located just above the male quick disconnect on the back of the machine is used to accomplish this task. If you can't get any water to spray out, simply turn on your vac motors and depress the lever. This will create suction in the water delivery line, essentially sucking the water through the line. You can also use this lever to alleviate the pressure in the lines when trying to disconnect your tools.

Detachable external heater for a Trusted Clean carpet extractor You'll also notice a bracket on the back of the Trusted Clean Supreme extractor. This is where you can hang an external carpet extractor heater, which is sold separately, for even more powerful cleaning! The heater is detachable and will run off of a separate power cord. This means you'll be operating the machine off of 2 separate electrical outlets that need to be located on separate circuits within the facility. Cleaning with hot water will provide a more thorough and efficient extraction of your carpet!

Depending on what it is you're cleaning, you may need additional accessories, so please feel free to check out our full lines of carpet cleaning chemicals, carpet scrubbing power brushes, extractor wands, vac hoses, and upholstery tools.


  • The dump valve comes with an angled PVC elbow to direct dirty water down and into a 5 gallon bucket or slop sink.
  • Tons of cleaning power never seen before in a single corded carpet cleaning machine.
  • Easy screw off filter allows for quick cleaning before the start of any new job.
  • 500 PSI pump is adjustable to dial down the pressure to fit your specific need.
  • Small, compact body with a stair-climbing handle for exceptional portability.
  • Lifetime warranty on the roto-molded tanks, and 5 years on parts & labor.

Caring for Your Carpet Extractor

Your carpet extractor should be winterized between uses if it is to be exposed to freezing temperatures. To winterize your machine, pour 1/2 gallon of windshield wiper fluid into the empty solution tank. Run the pump until fluid flows through the tank. Then run 1 gallon of water through the extractor before the next use.

Your new Trusted Clean extractor may come with some pink or blue solution in the tanks depending on what time of year it is. This is a winterizing solution to help protect the internal components from freezing during shipping. Simply flush it out by running a gallon of clean water through the pump before using the machine.

Quick Overview

  • 0 - 500 PSI pump, 190" of water lift
  • 12" dual-jet drag wand & 25' vac hose / solution line combo
  • 12 gallon solution / 11 gallon recovery
  • Non-heated carpet extractor

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Introductory video to the non-heated Trusted Clean 12 gallon series of box extractors.

Product Information + Specs

Trusted Clean
Manufacturer Sku
Airflow (CFM)
Tank Construction: Polyethylene
Base Plate: 1/4" Aluminum
Country of Manufacture
United States
35" H x 31" L x 18" W
Electrical Draw
18 Amps
Deluxe dual-jet S-bend stainless steel wand
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Cord
50 ft. detachable
Product Type
Carpet Extractors
Recovery Tank Capacity
11 gallons
Solution Capacity
12 gallons
Vac Hose
1.5" x 25'
Vacuum Motor
Dual 3-stage motors
Lifetime warranty on the tanks, and 5 years on parts & labor from an authorized service center
Water Lift
Rear Wheels: 10 inches, non-marking
Casters: 4 inches

Customer Reviews

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