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CleanFreak® 28" High Speed Propane Floor Burnisher - 1,500 RPM

SKU: CPL-400BU-28BSM-CF    Brand:CleanFreak
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Product Description

This CleanFreak 28" propane floor burnisher will polish commercial floors to an extremely high shine when used with the correct 28" floor polishing pads. The 18HP, 603 cc Kawasaki engine will turn a pad at 1500 RPM for maximum floor polishing performance. It comes backed by a 2 year warranty on the engine and 1 year on parts and labor.

This machine is truly a beast and one of our top performers. Plus, you can't beat the price! It will burnish (polish) the floor finish to a high state of gloss and enables the operator to cover large areas of floor in a limited amount of time. The 28" head has a maximum productivity rate of 34,000 ft²/hr., and essentially has an unlimited run time with the propane power source. The burnished comes with a steel tank, so you're ready to start burnishing as soon as the machine is delivered.

The CleanFreak propane burnisher line also includes a 21" model that comes equipped with SAFR™ (Steady Air to Fuel Ratio) technology which is a system that monitors the pressure between the air filter and the carburetor. As the air filter becomes dirty, the pressure decreases. With this included SAFR technology, the variation in pressure results in a reduction in fuel delivered to the engine. The result is a Steady Air to Fuel Ratio no matter what condition the air filter is in.

**Please Note: Just because this machine comes standard with SAFR technology does not mean you never have to clean the air filter. We always recommend cleaning the air filter before each and every use for maximum performance from your floor burnisher.

If this machine is not exactly what you're looking for, please take a look at our full line of propane, electric and battery burnishers.


  • Saves you money by using 34 percent less fuel while requiring 40 percent fewer oil changes.
  • SAFR technology keeps emissions low and reduces fuel usage when the air filter is dirty.
  • Catalytic muffler exceeds EPA and CARB minimum requirements.
  • Easy access to filters, battery, and oil for quick inspection and maintenance.
  • Quick release strap for easy change out of the steel propane tank.
  • Adjustable wheels can be moved forward or backwards to increase or decrease the pad pressure.
  • Triple anchor welded adjustable ergonomic handle for improved operator comfort and durability.
  • American made aluminum castings and sealed AGM battery.

Recommended Daily Maintenance

  • Check engine oil and top off if needed.
  • Inspect engine air filter to make sure it is clean and free of debris for maximum air flow.
  • Check propane tank level and replace if empty.
  • Remove old pad and replace, cleaning the old pad out to remove debris and dust.

- Please see the owner's manual for a complete maintenance schedule on what should be checked daily, every 100 hours, every 250 hours, and every 500 hours of use.

Quick Overview

  • Powered by a 18 HP Kawasaki engine
  • 28 inch burnishing path
  • 1,500 RPM pad speed
  • 12 volt battery start up system
  • Steel propane tank included

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Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Brush Size
28 inches
Brush/Pad Speed
1500 RPM
Brush/Pads Included
Cleaning Rate Per Hour
34,000 sq. ft.
Country of Manufacture
United States
30.5" W x 61.5" L x 41.0" H
603 cc
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Source
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Rotary Buffer Speed
High Speed
Sound Output
< 89 db(A)
2 years on the Kawasaki engine and 1 year on parts & labor (excluding wear & maintenance items)

Safety, Warranty + User Manuals

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