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Powr-Flite® 'Multiwash XL' CRB Carpet & Floor Scrubber (18" - 2 Cylindrical Brushes) - 1 Gallon

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Product Description

The Powr-Flite Multiwas XL is the perfect multi-purpose machine for someone who needs a quick and easy solution for multiple floor types. It can be used to clean rubber sport floors, VCT, concrete, carpet, vinyl, and especially tile & grout. The counter-rotating cylindrical brushes spin at 650 RPM to clean at unprecedented speeds. Great for gymnasiums, bathrooms, cafeterias and more. Basically wherever you need to do quick clean ups or clean small areas quickly. There are 4 brush options available, which are soft bristle for sport floors, standard (comes with the machine), hard bristle, and escalator cleaning.

The Multiwash XL can be used on carpet. It cleans effectively because of how the bristles contact the surface. The brushes stand the pile & cleans it extremely effectively. A encapsulation chemical should be used by pre-spraying it on to the carpet. The Multiwash is then used to agitate and pick up. The main pickup is then done with a vacuum once the carpet is dry, which won't take long (maybe 20 minutes), since it is a low moisture system.

The Multiwash XL also works tremendously well on rubber sports floors. In many instances it is the only recommended machine for use on a lot of sports floors. The counter rotating brushes contact the surface without building up a lot of friction and torque. It does a great of cleaning the surface of the sports floor, even if it has texture.

Transport mode should be used whenever moving the unit around. When operating the machine, you simply pull the solution release handle to dispense water from the 1 gallon solution tank. The long lasting cylindrical brushes very easy to remove and clean. Each brush is equivalent to approximately 100 pads. Water will be recovered by centrifugal force, and can be emptied by removing the water recovery trays and dumping them out. A low profile allows you to clean under bathroom stalls and other hard to reach areas.

If the machine ever stops running, return the handle to the upright position, and the press the reset button, then wait 30 seconds before resuming your work. Other best practices for using the machine are to empty the recovery tank as needed. Rinse out the solution and recovery tanks after each job, as well removing and cleaning brushes. Wipe down the underside of the machine. If solution was used in the tank, run clean water through the solution delivery line. Always store the machine dry.

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Powr-Flite® Multiwash XL standard floor scrubbing brush

Standard Brush
The Multiwash comes with a standard cylindrical brush set that delivers a level of abrasion suitable for most floor types.
For Use On: Ceramic, Marble, Pirelli, VCT

Powr-Flite® Multiwash XL soft sport floor & carpet scrubbing brush

Soft Brush
The soft brush set is for specialty applications such as wool or cut pile carpets. Recommended for use on softer surfaces such as sports floors & rubber mats.
For Use On: Carpet, Sports Floors, Wood

Powr-Flite® Multiwash XL aggressive hard floor scrubbing brush

Hard Brush
The hard brush set is used for more aggressive abrasion on hard surfaces. Great for cleaning grout lines & extremely soiled surfaces.
For Use On: Concrete, Tile

Powr-Flite® Multiwash XL specialty escalator scrubbing brush

Escalator Brush
This specialty brush set has separated rows of bristles to make them perfect for cleaning escalators & other people movers.
For Use On: Escalators, Walkways


  • Whisper quiet 69 dBa level meets LEED requirements.
  • Eco-friendly low moisture cleaning uses 30% less chemical and water.
  • 4 different brush options allow you to clean just about any surface with the same machine.
  • One set of brushes is equivalent of about 100 floor pads.
  • 10 year warranty on the housing, and 1 year on parts & labor.

Chemical Recommendations


Quick Overview

  • 2 standard cylindrical scrub brushes included
  • 18" electric CRB floor scrubber
  • 1 gallon solution / removable recovery tray
  • 40' power cord

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The Powr-Flite Multiwash can clean any floor, any time.
Introduction and walk through of the Powr-Flite® Multiwash 14 CRB Floor Scrubber

Product Information + Specs

Manufacturer Sku
Brush Motor
750 Watts
Brush/Pad Speed
650 RPM
Cleaning Rate Per Hour
7,500 sq. ft.
Cleaning Width
17 inches
15" L x 21.25" W x 44" H
Electrical Usage
110 volt AC / 60 Hz
Noise Level (dB)
69 dBA
Number of Brushes
Operating Weight (lbs.)
Power Cord
Product Type
Hard Floor Cleaning Machines
Scrub Style
Solution Capacity
1 gallon
Housing - 10 years
Parts & Labor* - 1 year
(*only valid from certified repair centers)

Safety, Warranty + User Manuals

Customer Reviews

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